powerful quotes

leigh 10

Rev. Leigh Goodwin

“Spiritual things are not to be boasted of. One can boast of worldly riches, and the paper money will not fly away unspent nor will the amount magically decrease, but the spiritual riches you boast of vanish with the telling” – Watchman Nee

“Until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him” – Martin Luther
”Humility means two things. One, a capacity for self—criticism. . . . The second feature is allowing others to shine, affirming others, empowering and enabling others. Those who lack humility are dogmatic and egotistical. That masks a deep sense of insecurity. They feel the success of others is at the expense of their own fame and glory” – Cornel West

“I may have my faults, but being wrong ain’t one of them” – Jimmy Hoffa
”When a little child becomes conscious of being a little child, the child-likeness is gone; and when a saint becomes conscious of being a saint, something has gone wrong” Oswald Chambers

“The man who knows his sins is greater than one who raises a dead man by his prayer. He who sighs and grieves within himself for an hour is greater than one who teaches the entire universe. He who follows Christ , alone and contrite, is greater than the one who enjoys the favour of crowds in churches” – Isaac the Syrian



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