gospel nuggets

dr john sentamu

Archbishop Sentamu

If you checked inside your wallet today, you may have been fortunate enough to come across a piece of paper with a promise to you on it.

As you know, bank notes are promis¬sory notes. If you manage to keep one long enough to examine it, you will see that it says, “I promise to pay the bearer on demand, the sum of £…”

This promise is signed by the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey. And, whatever we think of the banks at the moment, we still trust them to redeem this promise.
A promise implies commitment and dedication – and a hopeful future. So, as long as promises are kept, we have a sense of security. That is why, when trust is lost, we become insecure.

Recently, I spoke of how God calls every person – man, woman or child – to welcome him, to receive his friendship and love. This month’s prayer tells us of the promise which comes with that call:

“Merciful God…
you have prepared for those who love you such good things as pass our understand¬ing; pour into our hearts such love toward you that we, loving you in all things and above all things, may obtain your promises, which exceed all that we can desire.”

Some people like to imagine how they would spend the money if they won the Lottery. But, God’s love provides us with greater treasure than we can begin to imagine. And through that love, we receive God’s promises. God himself, living in us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Enabling us to live, act and love as Jesus lived on earth. The word ‘promise’ comes from a word meaning ‘send forth’. Jesus is God’s promise, sent to the world to show God’s faithfulness and love for us, by living and dying to make us his friends.

He is God’s promise of life, joy and complete peace and safety. He is the promise which never gets broken – the same yesterday, today and forever.

If we came face to face with God and asked him, “Who is Jesus Christ?” The answer would go something like this:

“Jesus Christ is exactly like me, the God you can’t see. He is superior to all creation. I was pleased to live fully in him. He died on the cross. He is the first to be raised from death. He made it possible for human beings to become friends of God. The life he lived is freely given to all who trust in him.”

We may make promises, but only God’s promise remains unbroken.



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