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Dr. David Allen

Jihad is a word which only recently has entered our regular vocabulary; but it is almost never absent from newspapers and news broadcasts on radio and TV. Most people believe it refers to a so-called holy war, particularly promoted by radical Islamist against Christian or secularists, indeed all those they regard as infidels. However, in strict Islamic theology, its primary meaning is a personal spiritual conflict against sin or Satanic temptations. Serious Christians can easily testify with this personal warfare, for it is a day-to-day process as we resist the Enemy.

The wicked of Islamist terrorists in Paris and plots foiled in Belgium have made Western countries on a high state of alert and troops are on the streets in major cities and vulnerable locations. We, the British, believe that we are the next in line. The security services have been recently breeched in that hoax callers have spoken to the Prime Minister and the services themselves, thus underlining the recent assertion that not every plug can be blocked. Most alarming is the fact that the enemies are not from without but rather those who are young British citizens, some from well-educated and middle England backgrounds.

This latter fact tends to believe that all Muslims are potential terrorists, whereas the vast of them are moderate and model citizens; and I would go so far as to say that the average Muslim is, morally speaking, more respectable than the average Brit. But having said that, taking a wider view – theologically and historically – we have to say that Islam has a tendency towards militancy. Whereas early Christianity was spread by the preaching of the Gospel, in the power of the Spirit, Islam was a religion planted by the scimitar. That meant in fact that jihad became a question of force and not of spiritual triumph over Satan.



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