pastor’s weekly thought


Rev. Ian Williams
Robin Hart

Physical touch may not feel natural but it can be significant and powerful. Touch communicates love and acceptance whereas an absence of touch can cause neglect and disconnection.

Jesus had a ministry in healing through touch. There are many examples of this (see the bible references).

It is recorded in Luke 6:17-19 that Jesus healed the multitude who had come to see Him. All who He touched were healed without exception.

In Luke 5:12-16 Jesus meets a man with advanced stage leprosy. Touch is how leprosy is transmitted yet Jesus reached out and touched the man. Jesus chose to heal through touch, he touched the untouchables, the outcasts of society who others were too frightened to. Jesus looked at the complete person and gave them their life back again.

What lesson should we learn through this passage? Should we do more to touch the untouchables? Think of those who are the untouchables in your community. Allow God to use you. Love and accept others and don’t forget the healing touch that Jesus Christ brings.

In Luke 8:43-48 the scripture recalls the time when a woman with a 12 year affliction of menstrual bleeding wanted to touch Jesus. She was branded unclean by Levitical law and was deprived of touching others or being touched. Yet one day she heard that Jesus was coming, the man who touched the untouchables and she was filled with hope. Within the throng she only managed to touch His cloak yet immediately she was healed, set free and cleansed all in one go. She left that place whole, carrying with her the gift of touch that she could now share.

Jesus wants us to reach out and touch Him. Don’t let your issues or problems stop you from reaching out to Him. Feel the hand of the Saviour on your life, embrace the gift of touch and use it to bring healing to a broken and lonely world.



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