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Rev. Ian Williams


Robin Hart

Operation Overlord had been months in the planning. Thousands of mens’ lives, the liberation of one country, the potential liberation of many more, the defeat of Nazi Germany and the axis powers in Europe, the timing of the sweep across Western Europe to link with the Russian army coming in from the East, the hope and expectation of the Allies, all the months of preparations including troop movements, training, supplies, armaments, hardware, intelligence gathering and sending, I could go on … all depended on the decision of one man, Eisenhower.

The weather forecast had been iffy and the landings has already been postponed once already but Eisenhower knew now that the combination of tides, weather conditions, troop readiness and the confusion of the enemy meant one thing …it was time to go.   Seventy years ago, June 6th 1944 was a pivotal turning point of the Second World War. D-Day was the start of a campaign that was to gain momentum and push the enemy back, ultimately culminating in victory.  

We experience our own turning points in our own Christian walk. Jon listed a number of turning points – I only have space for one, but you can listen to the rest on the RLC Podcast.   Turning Point Number One: The decision to speak up   King Jehoshaphat was intimidated and understandably so. The armies of Moab, Ammon and Mount Seir had combined to declare war on him and were marching towards him. Jehoshaphat knew he had to look to the Lord for help, he had come to the end of himself and had no other choice. The Lord spoke to Jahaziel, son of Zechariah and he brought a prophetic word of direction, guidance and encouragement. They only needed to stand strong and the Lord would bring a great victory. It came to pass that the armies of Moab, Ammon and Seir turned on each other and managed to wipe each army out completely.  

We need the prophetic word of God when we are facing our own great battles. We need to hear from God and speak out His word in critical times of our lives, when we are under attack. Then we will find that our discouragement turns to encouragement, negativity to positivity, intimidation to confidence. Speak the truths of the Word of God into dismal situations and see them turned around.   How we need to hear the prophetic word to enable the Lord to give us victory over our enemy.

The good news is that the victory has already been won! By Jesus paying the price for our sin and disarming the principalities and powers He made a public spectacle of them. Jesus humiliated the devil in defeating him and forced him to stand in front of his own army and that of the heavenly realms whilst his powers were stripped.  

Win your victory by fasting, by prayer, by worship and by the Word just as King Jehoshaphat did. Learn to rely on God’s word more and more. Respect the Holy Spirit by listening to Him. And the Lord will give you an amazing victory. Maybe today can be your significant turning point.  



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