pastor’s weekly thought

ianwilliams Rev. Ian Williams


Once again I am reminded that God is generous in all He does and He equips us to live in the abundance of the ‘overflow’.

Overflow is defined by the dictionary in the following ways;
· to flow over the bounds
· to be abundant
· to flow over the top of
· to extend beyond the borders
· to have in great measure.

It’s easy to live life in “not/just enough” instead of living life in the “overflow”. The Children of Israel are a good example of this. They lived as slaves in Egypt, walking around the desert for forty years having just enough – surviving on manna and quail until they took possession of Canaan, the promised land. Then they experienced having “more than enough”, in other words “overflow”!

I want to encourage you:
· not to be enslaved to your past and live with “not enough”
· not to settle in your walk and live on “just enough” BUT TO:
· live in the promise and know what it is to have ‘more than enough’ – overflow!

David could say that his cup overflowed – begin to pray and believe that we will also live in the overflow of God’s Blessing!



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