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Rev. Aaron Linford


John 19:28

These words not only fulfil scripture, being a quotation from Psalm 69:21, they also present a problem. Why did our Lord decline the medicated drink offered to Him (Mark 15:23), yet here request a drink?

Two reasons.

First, the “wine mingled with myrrh” was a pain-killer. Our Lord refused this analgesic lest anyone should complain that Christ Jesus had not touched the depths of human suffering, and so not met the needs of the greatest sufferer. He drank the cup of pain to its dregs for our sakes: no one suffered more than He.

Secondly, the loss of blood, the long exposure to sun, the exhausting lack of moisture had so parched His tongue that He found it difficult to speak. “My tongue cleaveth to my jaws”, it was said prophetically (Ps 22:15). With a desperate effort He articulated “I thirst!” He was given a spongeful of sour wine. Relieved, he cried with a loud voice, “It is finished” – a voice of triumph. Jesus fulfilled on the Cross all that was necessary for our forgiveness. “By His stripes we are healed”.


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