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Women in Arabic-speaking countries face many challenges while being considered second-level humans, and that’s the case no matter how modern life is integrating in her life! The Arab woman always fears the unknown – becoming acquainted with an unknown husband, facing the unknown (yet planned) future from her father, or being manipulated by her brother or uncle.

The woman of hope Arabic programme has taken the initiative to create a website for this woman who is modernized yet choked with uncertainty. The goal is to communicate with her and touch the needs of her heart soul and body.

The radio programmes are being uploaded to the website listed below for easy accessibility for listeners. Women can also find articles relating to their questions and challenges, plus a devotional space to feed their souls from the Word of God. We can not forget to mention that there is the means for every woman who accesses this website to send any comment or question to specialists in women’s issues. is a door for many women to hear, read and communicate about their challenges, fears, and burdens. It is also where women can learn about the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

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Rev. E. Anderson


Taken from the Word for Today

How would you describe someone who is spiritually mature?

Leonard Wedel says: ‘A mature person does not take himself too seriously…keeps himself alert in mind…does not always view with alarm every adverse situation that arises…Is too big to be little…never feels too great to do little things, and is never too proud to do humble things…never accepts either success or failure in themselves as permanent…is one who is able to control his or her impulses…is not afraid to make mistakes…has faith in themselves which becomes stronger as it is fortified by their faith in God.’ So, measured by that standard, how well are you doing? Are you able to evaluate your progress, without getting discouraged or feeling condemned? Can you look at how far you still have to go, yet be able to appreciate and celebrate how far you have already come? The Bible says we are changed ‘from one degree of glory to another.’

Notice, spiritual maturity takes place by degrees. In small steps, not giant leaps. You must learn to live by God’s Word, not by how you feel, for His Word states that as long as you believe, God is working in you, ‘…The Word of God…is effectually at work in you who believe [exercising its superhuman power in those who adhere to and trust in and rely on it]’ (1Thessalonians 2:13 AMP).

There is a direct connection between your daily intake of God’s Word and your maturity level. And the good news is, God hasn’t left us to do it on our own. ‘We…are being transformed…from glory to glory…by the Spirit…’ (2 Corinthians 3:18 NKJV).tree scene

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Rev. Rick Warren


 Rev. Jon Walker

Those who come to me cannot be my disciples unless they love me more than they love father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and themselves as well.
(Luke 14:26 TEV)

Jesus will not share our affection for him with anyone else, not even our own families. If you are faced with a choice between loyalty to him and loyalty to your father or mother, sister or brother, you must choose Jesus.

If you are faced with a choice between your own interests and the interests of Jesus, you must choose for Jesus. Think about Peter warming his hands by the fire. Someone says, “Aren’t you one of his disciples?” Will Peter choose for Jesus or for himself?

We face the same decision every day at school, at work, among our friends and even within our families. Jesus appears ruthless as he commands you to give preference to him over anyone else, including the greatest love of your life, your best friend, even your own mother.

But we misunderstand Jesus if we think what appears to be ruthlessness emerges from mean-spiritedness, self-interest, or even callous insensitivity. Jesus always has the endgame in mind, and he wants us with him in heaven, so he insists we re-center into his image.

Jesus isn’t saying we can’t love others or make others a priority in our lives; he is saying he should be our highest priority. When you think of Jesus, could you ever think of him as having greater loyalty to anyone but the Father? Yet Jesus also loves us dearly, so much that he gave his life for us.

Signs Jesus may not be the highest priority in my life:

  • There are Jesus things and secular things. I can keep them separate.
  • I might miss out on something if I make Jesus my highest priority.
  • Two people can share my highest loyalty: Jesus and _________.

In a conflict of loyalties, Jesus always gets the higher priority. Who or what gets the highest priority in your life?