meet the christian ministers



Rev. Geoff and Lili Cooper

Geoff & Lili Cooper lead The Life Church. Geoff has been in full time ministry with Assemblies of God for 15 years and before coming to Kent was Regional Superintendent in The North Wales & West Midlands Region.

Their main role is to bring vision and direction to the church so that it may Jonathan & Alison Jankowski have been involved in Christian leadership for twenty-five years. They led a fruitful youth ministry, were involved in home group leadership for a few years and then moved overseas for five years to serve at a church in Istanbul, Turkey.

They returned from Turkey in 1999 and became part of what would become Grace Community Church. Jonathan worked in IT for two and a half years before being appointed the leader of the church in 2001. At the time it was one of five church plants out of Manna Christian Fellowship. The church planting process concluded in 2007 when GCC became a charity in its own right and became part of the UK Assemblies of God. Jonathan is an AoG accredited minister and in 2012 gained a Masters degree in Missional Leadership.

Alison oversees our young peoples ministry and by profession she is an Occupational Therapist working in the local hospital. They both have a desire to see GraceCommunityChurch as a growing and vibrant community of God’s people encouraging people to understand the power and relevancy of the gospel in a post-Christian, secular culture.


  • A community of worshippers, loving God and believing in Jesus with passion, prayer, intelligence and energy
  • Experiencing the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit both individually and corporately
  • An inclusive, diverse, all-age community of love, care, friendship, trust and fun
  • Contributing to the kingdom of God and His church locally, nationally and overseas
  • Committed to teaching Christian truth that equips people for everyday life
  • Promoting leadership of character, competence, shared vision and servant hood
  • Seeing everyone discover and use the unique gifts and creativity that God has given them to serve His kingdom
  • Serving our neighbourhood with generosity and compassion, especially the marginalised and vulnerable
  • Sending people to serve the kingdom of God wherever He calls them

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