message of note


Rev. Ian Williams

Isaiah 58 highlights the difference between two types of fasting, one being a hypocritical, self indulgent and ritualistic “look at me” fast, the other being a God centred fast that reveals God’s supernatural power.

The prophet Isaiah describes the acceptable purposes for a “fast” and how it should be reflected in our actions:

Action 1: to loose the chains of injustice
Action 2: to untie the cords and yoke of oppression
Action 3: to provide food for the hungry
Action 4: to provide shelter for the homeless
Action 5: to clothe the naked

When the church lives in the “fast” lane, results will begin to happen:

Result 1: God’s light breaking through the darkness
Result 2: God’s healing power being released
Result 3: God’s righteousness going before us
Result 4: God’s glory being our guard
Result 5: God hearing our cry for help and answering by saying “Here I Am!”

Isaiah links the actions and results together by making a prophetic statement that “whoever chooses to live life in the fast lane will be satisfied even during seasons of drought – they will be strengthened and equipped – they will rebuild the foundations, repair the breach and restore the paths”.



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