sermon starters


Rev. E. Anderson


This is a simple outline for you to think about and meditate on. The introduction, main thoughts and conclusion need further material to be added. It is an outline for you to expand, develop more fully and fill in to spiritual profit and inspiration.

Ezekiel 45-48

Now there is something significant to be added to the overall revelation given to the prophet. The scene moves on to give further disclosure of something of major note. The man takes the seer back to the entrance of the Temple and there he beholds a stream issuing from the sanctuary of God that is to have a great contribution to the well-being and blessedness of the people, the city and the country – 47:1-12. It must have been quite a welcome and moving sight that inspired and heartened God’s servant. Again, little did he know how much he was to be involved in what was now being portrayed. It was to be a surprising and delightful experience that would impact him for good. This divine river was to impact him as he


Where it all originates is to be noted. It is unique. It has its beginnings within the sanctuary and it makes known the fact that it is a supernatural and miraculous stream of water. It arises from God Himself, from His throne and residence and affirms the truth that He is able to provide the means by which all life can be supernaturally blessed. It was not dependent upon natural or ordinary means but has its origin in Jehovah. He is the best resource centre of all and has the capacity to supply all that is required for His people.


This source of blessing had sequence – it both flowed and grew. There was the threshold but it did not stay or stop there to be a stationary and stagnant pool. It had movement and drive and could not be held at bay for it flowed out on the south side of the eastern gate. What was a stream was now becoming a river and he was called upon and taken into it and sensed its life and buoyancy. He was lifted up in its progress and procedure and felt its inroads and impact. He was made to see its further onward movement through the desert and Jordan’s valley right to the Dead Sea where it was to make a dynamic contribution and transformation. It could not stay still as it bounded to its goal to release everywhere it touched.


The principal feature of the river is ‘life’ – v9 “Everything that touches the water of this river will live.” It is full of miraculous content. The very element of these waters is pulsating life. It has the spirit dynamic to change all it meets in its wake. Nothing can remain the same. Trees of all description are to be seen on its banks and its waters are crammed with all types of fish. Even the marshes become sources of salt, a vital ingredient to life’s requirements.


This river alone has the capacity not only to reproduce but to maintain what it reproduces. It is the miraculous regenerative and supportive system by which the land and people are blessed. It is a sacred means by which everyone and everything are uniquely enriched and enhanced..


All this is but a type of the Holy Spirit of God within Christendom. The Church is now the Divine Sanctuary and God has opened up the River of Life by which all mankind can and should be blessed. Through His ministry, life, healing and strength abound.





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