points to ponder


Rev. E. Anderson


I was walking along life’s highway in happy days of yore when suddenly I saw a sign that this is heaven’s grocery store as i got closer the door swung open wide , and when i came to see myself I was standing there inside I saw a host of angels who were standing everywhere one handed me a basket, saying my child, shop in this store with care everything a Christian needs was in that grocery store and what you couldn’t carry , you came back next day for more

First I got some patience, there was love in every row further down the aisle was understanding you need that wherever you go and with it a box of wisdom with a bag or two of faith and I couldn’t miss the spirit it was all about the place I stopped to get the some strength and courage to help me run the race. By then my basket was getting full but I knew I needed grace. I didn’t forget salvation, for salvation that was free so I tried to get enough of that, to save both you and me.

Then  I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill for I thought I had everything to do my master’s will. Up the aisle I saw some prayer and I just had to put some in for I knew that when I went outside I could run into sin.

Peace and joy  were plentiful, they were on an outreach shelf, songs of praise were hanging near, so i just had to help myself.



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