sermons to note


Rev. E. Anderson


Reading 2 Corinthians 5

Text        2 Corinthians 5: 17


A CHOICE FACTOR – LIFE: Many things of a goodly nature and order have been given to one and all, and possibly highest on the list is that of life. How essential it is to have a true and good appreciation of it and, above all, to really make the most of and cause it to count. Let this point register deep within your being, you have only one shot and go at it, so make the most of it and make certain that it really serves your interest both now and at the end.

OPPORTUNITY TO DO WELL: Presented to all, in one way or another, is the tremendous possibility of really achieving something significance and of worth. Everyone should be encouraging one another to succeed at doing something of note and value. Whilst being encouraged by others to invest your life in some career, project and cause, be amongst those who likewise inspire others to make a real go of what is being presented. The thing may only be small in its beginnings but the ultimate can be astronomical. It is possible to seek someone else’s good and advantage – e.g. Jonathan – David.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: For this to happen, each must accept the full responsibility of their lives and not shelve anything. No one must act irresponsibly but accept the fact of their being and existence and that they have duties to fulfil that if accepted and applied will make a tremendous difference to them and everyone else. No one most abdicate their position and treat life as of no consequence. It is a precious gift that must be exploited to the full so that all may be benefited and blessed by its success. No excuse should be sought or accepted that seeks to release from the onus placed on us. Nobody else must be blamed for our lack of quality, use and success.

A GLORIOUS PARTNERSHIP:  For life to be different and for a life to make a difference then God must come into the equation. This was certainly so as exhibited in the life of David who discovered so early God putting the added extra into his life and living. It has to be said that this cannot be improved upon. The knowledge and recognition must be sensed that God desires to input us with the best so that we might enjoy the best and accomplish the best – word bandied around excellence, and God is in the business of excellence, inspiring those who are associated and allied with Him to a life that is excellent and produces excellence.

For things to things to take off and be really launched, it has to be sensed and known that you are and can be different and that as a consequence you can and will make a difference. There is a tremendous need to sow this revelation and fact especially in relation to God.


The estimation you have of yourself may not be too high, in fact you may demean yourself and think that you will never be anything or be able to achieve anything. You write yourself off right at the start and do not see any future hope in any direction. Somehow you feel you are a waste and that life is a waste. An inferiority complex is a destructive evil. This must be dramatically altered and answered. And it can.  When God really comes into the equation He introduces dramatic change for the better. When God enters a person they cannot remain the same or the destiny.

  • He first of all comes to clear and clean out the rubbish inside a person. The difference commences when we permit Him to come inside and get rid of all the stuff that stops us from being a real and dynamic person. A major problem at the outset is, it is easy to become a rubbish dump or a great piece of wasteland where nothing of worth is constructed on it. The main purpose of Christ coming into the heart and life is to clean it up and get rid of what has been collected that spoils the life and any future prospects. All the negative and destructive habits that have run riot and made for degeneration are dealt with and sorted out – 2 Corinthians 5: 17.

 “Becoming a Christian is not making a new start in life; it is receiving a new life to start with.”                                                                                     

  • He then comes to create a new nature within and gives a better personal image – in fact He actually gives a new status – John 1: 11, 12.  Having got rid of that which hinders and spoils He implants His life and enabling within and causes an individual to see and note that they have a new standing and station in life. Instead of being a mere nobody, they have become a sure somebody with new powers and great potential within so creating a sense of good values and virtues.

Illustration: It is like a person being taken out of a nondescript family that seems to be nothing and has nothing into a family of note, wealth  etc. Oh the difference that can be immediately sensed!   

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”
– Henry Ford

  • He then indwells life with His presence in the person of Christ and further adds the blessing of the residence of the Holy Spirit. It is God’s design to act as the greatest ally and associate so that He can render the biggest backing to life. He is always present quietly in the background ready to be called upon to perform in a gracious manner as He is trusted and obeyed. Through Christ, who was always a winner and the working of the Holy Spirit, with all of His capabilities, a person is set up to go down the best track and succeed. When obstacles and difficulties arise, they are there to lend an immediate hand.

An operative statement and operation in and from Christ to those who form a bond with Him: ‘I will make you to become.’

  • He communicates His Word with tremendous guarantees and unfolds what He purposes to bring to pass. He would fill the life with His assurances and hopes that make a person full of optimism with regard to the progress and success of life in terms of character production. He has the ability to make huge successes of downright failures, transforming people into believers, believing who they are and accepting the fact that they can be quality people. There is preparedness on His part to highlight weakness but then to impart the power and sufficiency to become and be different.
  • He gives enormous encouragements by working things out in life – starts with the little and then with the big and makes you feel big in Himself. What one commences with within one’s being may seem apparently small, meaningless and insignificant. It isn’t much to look at or consider. The danger is of despising or neglecting that little factor or feature. As it is properly attended to, nurtured and divine nourished the possibilities are quite staggering. It is absolutely certain ‘you can make it as a person’ with the help of God.


Because you are different that difference begins to be sensed and felt on a much wider front. You are able to make a much wider contribution and serve to be an inspiration to others. It is not only who and what you are that is unique and quite something, you are able to be released to perform in a manner that God has appointed and is able to anoint you for some incredible missions and ministry.

  • You will not be afraid of the immense challenge that is presented to you.  You will be so girded with divine strength, confidence and courage that no matter what is presented to you will be accepted and entered into and succeeded in. You will be like a David prepared to face an outstanding ordeal knowing the outcome. Fear will be overcome and any intimation will be effectively dealt with. One will become like a David ready to cope with fear and Goliath and his own inadequacies.

‘When fear knocks at the door, one sends faith to open it and it is gone’ – J. Shelbourne

  • You will possess that spirit and attitude of the apostle Paul. The deep inner conviction will be implanted, possessed and developed with you by Christ that you were born to achieve the impossible and do the extraordinary – Philippians 4: 13. You will know and enjoy the right spiritual and mental outlook and look at the opportunities of proving that with Christ all is attainable and that you can be invincible. The idea of defeat and failure does not come into your thinking, vocabulary or your way of life. In your approach to each day and every fresh challenge there is the presence of a positive mind and heart set that makes you sure that you were made for this immense task.
  • You will be like those in the infant church who turned the world upside down – Acts 17: 6.  The EarlyInfantChurch set the tone and standard for the rest of Christendom by blazing a trail of triumph and success at all costs. Everyone and everything could be present seeking to beset and hinder, but they were not in any way frustrated. They present the golden opportunity of reducing them to impotence in revealing the sovereign might of their God and their own accord with Him. The phrase indicates that they were ‘world-beaters’. The situations as they presented themselves were just the thing to give them the right to show their spiritual and moral worth. The odds against are always the opportunity for the seeming under-dog to become top-dog.
  • You will be salt and light in your community and make impact wherever you are and go – Matthew 5: 18. The Lord desires that such will be the difference that whole communities will be invaded and affected greatly by His people. Society can really be taken over by people who live according as God as designed. When Christians truly live according to the principles and power of heaven, of the above world, they make a startling and staggering difference. The reason why the world isn’t being changed is due to the fact that too many professing Christians are conformists to this present world system and order. When a person has been lit up Christ and salted by Him then there will be a dramatic, divine input that will infect for good the world. Even though things at present may be bad and outrageous, a person and people can somehow radically alter the status quo. The victory of David over Goliath made a difference and was the commencement of the defeat of the Philistines. The Israelites came out of the caves and holes to move in on conquest.


The time has come when we need to apprehend and assess our personal situation as to the real contribution I am making for Christ and Christendom. The issue has to be settled as to whether there is going to be any real commitment to the body of Christ and to the world at large. You need to be inspired and encouraged in the sure knowledge:

You can and will be different – Christ wants to truly encounter you so that He might join an effective partnership with you, change and divinely transform and be the Sovereign Lord of your life and affairs. He wants to place you in the driving seat so that you will go places with and achieve great things. His purpose is to enhance and advance you at every level so you can live beyond par.

You can and will make a difference – He wants you to be a major influence in the Church and make a tremendous impact upon the people in the outside world. Instead of being squeezed into the mould and ways of the world, the opposite takes, the kingdom life of God begins to assert its power and authority. Your life story with all of its achievements will grace the Church of Christ and bring glory to God.

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