sermon starters


Rev. E. Anderson


This is a simple outline for you to think about and meditate on. The introduction, main thoughts and conclusion need further material to be added. It is an outline for you to expand, develop more fully and fill in to spiritual profit and inspiration.

Ezekiel 40-44  

It may have been a long time in coming, in the 25th year of the captivity, but the divine vision was given. -40:1. The Lord deliberately came and transported him to his homeland to give him some wonderful disclosures. He had previously experienced a like experience years before when the lord showed to him the utter corruption of the Temple worshippers and worship and the end result in the destruction of the Holy Sanctuary and other factors. But this was a sight to stir and animate as he is taken to behold wondrous revelation and insight from the Lord. He is given a first-class view from a high mountain and he beholds a HolyCity, a Holy Personality and a Holy Sanctuary.

There comes clear advice given to the prophet – v4. He is to be both a receiver and communicator of the revelation. It is not for his sake alone, heartening as it was, but for the captive slaves. They were to be really made aware of the fact that God had plans on His drawing board to be fulfilled that made it most plain that He had not finished with them and that there was a much more glorious future ahead. They must not look at the ruins but at the revelation that was to be.

1/. THE HOLY CITY-40: 2

Not a lot is said about the City but it is to be the residence of the Lord and one can rest assured it would be equal to His person and glory. Whatever it may have been historically, it is certainly to be altogether surpassed. From chapter 48:35 it is to receive a new name because of a special: Jehovah Shammah = the Lord is there. Whatever other previous monarchs had made it would be surpassed by what was to be!


The next sight for the prophet was that of a unique man – ‘His face shone like bronze’ – see Revelation 1. Was this a pre-incarnate disclosure of Jesus Christ? It would seem to be so. He is evidently there with a mission and purpose. He seems to be there as divine Architect and Builder as He unveils especially what is to be the residence of the Lord. There is the repeated mention ‘then the man . . .’ thus expressing He had a main role to fulfil in what was occurring.

3/. THE HOLY SANCTUARY – 40: 5 etc.

One may not understand all the information and details made known, but the emphasis was that a new sanctuary would be in evidence. The old may have gone but they need not mourn unduly because of what was to be built. Above all, it was going to be divinely owned and become the centre from which so much would occur to Israel’s good – 43:1-12. It will truly be a Holy Place!


This was but the beginning of something altogether delightful and to be greatly anticipated. There was every reason to hope, not despair.




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