message of note

Rev. Alistair Cole – Prayer Director


The year 2015 marks the centenary celebrations of the Elim Movement, a milestone that many are looking forward to with a great sense of anticipation and expectation.

In celebrating our centenary, it is only right and proper that we pause to reflect and thank God for his incredible faithful­ness in enabling Elim to reach this point in history.

The story of Elim is one that needs to be told. We continue to marvel at the way in which God brought this great Pentecostal witness to birth. The exploits of those early pioneers under the leadership of George Jeffreys have laid the foundation for all that God is doing in these momentous times.

Their dedication to the task, often in the face of hostile opposition, should serve as a powerful example to all who are following in their footsteps.

They were a generation saturated with a passion to establish vibrant expressions of Pentecostal mission and witness.

Our centenary must not be an exercise in mere nostalgia. This milestone year should serve not only to reflect upon history, but also to forge ahead in terms of renewed mission and vision.

A number of initiatives are in the pipeline as part of our centenary celebrations involv­ing all of the departments and ministries that make up the life and witness of Elim.


A major focus is on the vision launched by our General Su­perintendent, John Glass. It is known as The Big Centenary Ask’ and is a call to our Elim churches to consider the establishing of new centres of witness by means of daughter churches or fresh expression initiatives.

Churches who are seeking to be part of this strategy outreach are following footsteps of our early Pentecostal pioneers who sought to establish centres of witness in our towns and cities. Missional activity such as this is in the DNA of our Elim Movement. The success of this venture will be determined by the of prayer undertaken in preparation for mission and outreach. One of the most powerful ways in which God is in the Church globally present time is through partnership that is being forged between prayer and mission. Mission without prayer is futile and prayer without mission is unproductive. These two great disciplines must go hand in hand.

The Elim Prayer Network, in partnership with Serious 4God, have joined together in leading a year of prayer during 2014 in preparation for all that is planned byway of evangelistic mission and outreach during 2015 and beyond. The idea is to call our Elim churches throughout the British Isles to join together in prayer under the banner of’ LIFT UP 2014′.


The theme ‘LIFT UP’ is taken from Psalm 121, a song of ascents sung by Jewish pilgrims as they approached the temple at Jerusalem in readiness to celebrate the great Jewish feasts of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost and Tabernacles.

In the same way that these pilgrims worshipped prior to these great celebrations, so we are calling our Elim churches to prepare for our centenary year through this great prayer initiative.

There are three strands to the LIFT UP prayer call:

1)  Lift up your eyes to recognise that God is powerful and sovereign

2)  Lift up your heart in worship, service and mission

3)  Lift up your voice in prayer and petition.

In addition to this the call is to lift up our villages, towns, cities, leaders and nation to God from whom our help comes. LIFT UP 2014 is about connecting with God in order to see our world changed. This is a call to prayer borne of a sense of anticipation and a firm belief that our nation can be impacted through the prayers of our 623 Elim churches over a period of 52 weeks.

At present we are in the early stages of thinking through some of the practical aspects of how best we can engage with our churches nationwide. It will be our intention to update on developments as the shape of LIFT UP 2014 unfolds in the coming weeks and months.



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