meet the christian ministers

Rev. Bob Proud and wife

New Life Fellowship is a PentecostalChurch in fellowship with Assemblies of God in GB  and is based in Hartlepool on the North East coast of England just a few miles north of Middlesbrough.

We would love to see you at one of our meetings but in the meantime spend some time perusing our site and getting to know us a bit better. We are adding to the site regularly so please visit us again so that you will not miss something that may be of great interest to you. 

We feel that we are just like one large family and always offer people a warm and friendly welcome to any of our services so why not come along sometime and meet us in person?

2011 marked the 80th anniversary of our church. Formed in 1931 as the then West Hartlepool Pentecostal Church, we continue to preach the Gospel message that Jesus died on the cross to forgive sin and rose again to give us eternal life. A new web site has been created for people to share their personal memories of their time with our church. Why not visit the site and see if any of the memories on there bring back even more memories to you?


Just as with any successful business or organization we have a Vision for our future and it revolves round 5 key areas:

· To praise and worship God
· To fellowship with each other
· To make disciples
· To serve
· To reach out into the community 

We are working on improving in all those 5 areas.


“We are a growing Fellowship of born-again believers who preach the gospel in an understanding way so that all who hear can either accept or reject Jesus as his or her Saviour. We are a praying, praising, Holy Spirit filled and led fellowship, who show great compassion and care for the community and each other.

Our aim is to encourage, equip and prepare every man, woman and child to achieve their ultimate potential in their service to God and to accept the Great Commission to preach the good news to all creation so that none need perish.”



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