leadership factors


Rev. John Maxwell



Taken from the John Maxwell’s Leadership Bible

Exodus 19: 3-13

Have you ever noticed how God introduced the Ten Commandments? Before He spoke His laws to the people in Exodus 20, He took time to remind them of three vital truths:

  • The love He had for them
  • The victories He’d won for them
  • The future He planned for them

God spoke about how He intended to blessIsraelas His children, and He warned them of boundaries to keep—how to survive His  fiery presence onMount Sinai. Only then did He give them His commandments to obey. Do you see the genius of the sequence?

Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand. Before God demanded His people keep rules, He reminded them of His relationship-blessings. That gave them all the incentive they needed to follow through on their commitment!


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