healing testimonies

Weje Sekara


A WOMAN who suffered a huge stroke made miraculous recovery – as her pastor prayed for her in hospital,

Weje Sekara’s family members were told that she would be paralysed after a blood clot in her brain was discovered,

But as her pastor, Terry Walsh, began to pray, the unconscious 58 year-old made a dramatic recovery and began to talk. Moments later, she spoke on the phone to her daughter inAmericato tell her she had been healed.

Weje said she felt power go through her body as Rev Walsh prayed beside her bed inFrenchayHospital,Bristol.

She told New Life: “My pastor came and prayed for me. My daugh­ter was calling me fromAmerica, but she couldn’t talk to me because I was unconscious,

“When the pastor finished his prayer suddenly I start speaking and after some minutes I started talking to my daughter inAmerica. She was surprised and later the doctor said I didn’t need an operation because the blood clot had dispersed.

“My God is a great God who can do anything. I strongly believe in him and I have big faith in him. When I was unconscious the doc­tor told my husband that I’d had a massive stroke and that there was a blood clot in my head but they couldn’t operate. My husband was very worried but I now know the whole church was praying.


“The doctors and nurses thought I would be paralysed but now I am going to church every week and to Bible study.”

Rev Walsh, who leads Destiny Knowles Pentecostal Church in Bristol, said: “My wife and I went in to pray and we found her semi­conscious. I prayed, ‘Sovereign Lord, Creator of the universe, please heal our sister. In the name of Jesus I ask this”.

“I’d seen God heal before because my mother was healed from terminal cancer but this happened right in front of us.    

“She immediately came round and started speaking to us. She told me later that when we prayed, she felt power go through her body.”

Medics were amazed and found that Weje no longer needed an operation as the blood clot had gone.

“When the doctors came, they told her that she didn’t need an operation and that she had had a miracle,” Rev Walsh added. “There was no sign on her face that she’d had a stroke”.



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