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Dorothy Needham is an evangelist in the Bolton and Salford area where she spends time working in four local primary schools with their families

As part of her work she participates in weekly school assemblies, lunchtime club and helps to organise school services for the major Christian festivals/ including Christmas, Easter and Harvest.

Dorothy said: “It is such a joy to work with children and to share in the whole of school life. Developing creative ways for pupils to think about their faith is always exciting and challenging at the same time,

“It is so important to be visible Christian presence in school and it means that when children meet me in other contexts, in church or at their grandma’s funeral, they see a friendly face they recognise,

“I also help staff and pupils during times of crisis and can be a listening ear for those who want to talk or pray. Recently at one school, a teacher died after a very short illness. The vicar and I were asked to be there when the news was given to the staff and to talk about what had happened in assembly.”

Each month, Dorothy also runs TRIPLESSS – a fun-filled gathering for families which takes place on a Sunday afternoon.

She said: “TRIPLESSS has become a real family community where people can learn more about Jesus. The children help me to plan the service by writing prayers and poem’s, leading worship, choosing the music, and taking part in dramas arid readings.

“Recently a mother and daughter joined us who were new to the area. The lady had just gone through a divorce and said she had been in a ‘bad place-‘.• She said belonging to TRIPLE SSS had encouraged her and her daughter to join a church again near their home.


sermon starters

Rev. E. Anderson


Jeremiah 45

This is a very brief chapter that a colleague and co-worker with Jeremiah needed to hear. It would not have been easy to deliver because of the content and close connection. The fact that it was not witholden reveals the genuine integrity and commitment of the prophet. Whatever the Lord had to say and to whoever, the man and messenger of God was on the line to God and the people around. Jeremiah was to be a real anchor to him.


It is apparent that this individual was being addressed and spoken to by the Eternal one, the One above and over His People. He was a member of theChosenrace and was known and regarded by Him. How essential for him to sit up and take notice. He had just witnessed Jehoiakim paying scant regard for the Lord. He must not do the same. Let it be a warning light.


He needed to understand that the Lord knew full well the exact state of His thoughts and feelings. He was in a mixed and fluid state of being. There was real pressure felt regarding the hardness of the way and the difficulties he was experiencing and it was not going to get easier. Weariness and fatigue were also being sensed. He needed to know it was going to get tough forIsrael.


It was not a time for personal gain or vanity. This kind of motivation had to go. The Lord was guiding him and it was imperative to purge his being of all false factors, especially that which tended to personal ambition and pride. There was a subtle thing there that must be sifted and sorted out so that he might be divinely sanctified from wrong inspiration and direction.


He is encouraged not to be discouraged. He had to tackle this menacing evil and deal with it once for all. There was to be a preservation order on his life and thoughIsraelsuffers, he will come through. He need not worry in any measure for all his safety and interests are fully taken care of. The important thing for him was to make sure he complied to God’s will and ways.


The word worked. Baruch comes through this and many other things too and becomes a sticker, a faithful one. He had a good mentor and example in the prophet and saw how the Lord was enabling him. Jeremiah needed him alongside and was grateful for his contribution.


wisdom’s ways

Rev. Aaron Linford


“Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous”Proverbs 27:3,4

Human nature is a bundle of instincts. We have emotions ranging from mild feelings to passionate obsessions: we have desires ranging from faint yearnings to powerful longings. But what would we be without them. Emotions colour our existence; life would be dull without feelings. Desires promote exertion; we would not get far without some driving and directing yearning. But all our “passions and lusts” must be kept in control – restrained by reason and constrained by love, which is at once both rein and spur.

Fierce Feelings. There is nothing wrong with anger of itself. We have an inbuilt sense of justice and instinctively revolt against the violation of the common rights of humanity or the infliction of unreserved pain or loss. But our feelings can go too far. A fool’s anger is “heavier than sand”, that is, immoderate and often irrational. We should neither be dominated by long-temper (“wrath”) that is hard to be appeased, or short-temper (“anger”) that flares up without warning. No Christian should have a low flash-point or an interminable smoulder of bad feeling.

Desperate desires. Bad as temper is, whether it be short or long, envy is worse. Deep-seated resentment can poison the stream of life; jealousy can wreck fond fellowship, cause marriage to flounder and scuttle domestic peace. There is, of course, a measure of jealousy in love, but it is a desire to please and not to punish, to retain and not to lose, to possess but not to totally appropriate. The envy of lesser men for greater, causes them to denigrate their accomplishments and assassinate their reputation. By pulling the higher ones down they hope to appear bigger themselves. The envy of the failures for the successful makes them decry the triumph of those they should praise and trample on the report of their victory. This is petty – the envious are small-minded; it is also spiteful – the envious are sparing in good feeling. A good man will rejoice in the success of his friends, even if he himself cannot attain their status. He is large-hearted.


Save me from envy, O Lord, before it slays my better self.