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Rt Rev Richard Chartres


The Bishop of London has criticised the increasing trend towards abortion, divorce and promiscuity in Britain, stating that the Queen’s Jubilee should be used as an opportunity to restore lost values.

In a pamphlet published by the Bible Society, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres raises concerns that divorce and separation had reached “epidemic proportions”, with an increasing number of children being raised in broken families and “hundreds of thousands” more being aborted every year.

The pamphlet, entitled Jubilee then and now: A big idea for the 21st century, is currently being distributed to MPs and calls on Britain to use the Queen’s Jubilee as a chance to reassess moral values and “rebalance the scales” for future generations.

Dr Chartres states: “Britainis indeed a better place today materially than ever before, but that material progress has been at the expense of our relationships with one another, our communal life. Within families, within communities, within society as a whole, our relationships are more strained, more fragile, more broken than we care to recognise.

“As we celebrate the Jubilee of our justly popular monarch, we have an opportunity to ask some wider questions in the spirit of Jubilee, to pause, look back and ask where we are as a nation, and where we are going.

“Promiscuity, separation and divorce have reached epidemic proportions in our society. Perhaps, then, we shouldn’t be surprised that depression and the prescription of anti-depressants has reached a similarly epidemic level.

“Literally millions of children grow up without knowing a stable, loving, secure family life – and that is not to count the hundreds of thousands more who don’t even make it out of the womb each year.

“We need a fresh narrative that appreciates the real virtues communicated by our history but which transcends our recent past.



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Christopher Roberts – Lawyer


God told Moses, in Exodus 3:17, that he would take the Children of Israel out ofEgypt(bondage), and into the Promised Land. However, in order to reach the land flowing with milk and honey, the Children of Israel would have to pass through the land of giants. God does not always bring us out of the world, and directly into his blessings. Sometimes, like the Children of Israel, we too will have to come face to face with the giants of unbelief, fear, condemnation, and many other giants of circumstances, which would attempt to prevent us from enjoying all that God would have for us. The same principles apply to those called to serve God, in a particular ministry. Likewise, do not let these giants prevent you moving forward into your destiny. Just because the giants stand at the doors of your destiny, does not mean you are not meant to go through those doors. Quite the opposite. The fact that the giants keep attempting to stand in your way, is actually a sign that God is still with you, and he is in the purpose which stands ahead of you. By facing these giants, or enduring such troubling strongholds, will become the very factors in your life, which will cause you to gain strength, and prevail in the call God has placed on your heart to do. The bigger the giants, the greater the call!


message by rick warren

Rev. Rick Warren


Jon Walker 

“Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of” – Luke 19:26 MSG

Risks of faith require us to take Step 1 before we see Step 2. God uses risks, large and small, to stretch us into a life of faith. The irony is that if we concentrate on the risks instead of God’s faithfulness, we fail to understand that the greater risk is remaining independent of God.

If we believe what we say we believe, then regardless of what we are able to see on the other side of a faith-related risk, the reality is that God is there. What may appear to be a no-guarantee situation actually comes with the greatest guarantee of all — a God-guarantee — that he is working everything out (Romans 8:28; Jeremiah 29:11).

  • With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of attempting things that are impossible unless God gives you his strength to do them.
  • With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of loving other believers so deeply and richly that you prove to the world that you are filled with God’s inexhaustible love.
  • With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of loving your seemingly unlovable neighbors, just as God loved you even when you appeared unlovable.
  • With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of changing your priorities to match God’s priorities, in faith sacrificing what you cannot keep for the things that can never be taken away.
  • With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of telling others about Jesus and teaching them how to faithfully follow him (Matthew 28:19–20).

God guarantees you will succeed when you take the risks of faith he asks you to take. What step of faith have you delayed because you’ve been uncertain about God’s guarantee?

Give God permission to clear any obstacles in your life that keep you from trusting his promise (that, in itself, is a risk that requires faith, isn’t it?).