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15 Deaf Ears Opened in 3 Weeks!

Posted by Jarrod Cooper ⋅ March 29, 2012

The launch of the Revival Fires tour saw New Beginnings Church in Goole packed to standing room only, and rocking! 2 more deaf ears opened instantly, pain left about 12-15 people’s bodies. It was so touching to see people break out in smiles or tears as years of pain disappeared!

That now means 15 different people’s deaf ears have opened in 3 weeks! I have been in settings across even Africa & South America and know that any church at any time would consider that remarkable! Praise GOD!

Cancer Healed!

We’ve also just received the following email regarding last September’s conference:

“I was diagnosed in February 2011 with breast cancer. I live inLondonbut I attended the Nathan Morris event in September 2011. On the first night God allowed him to call out for person’s with blood conditions. I went up as my blood had been affected when I had done chemotherapy. Nathan prayed and laid hands on me and I (fell to the floor) in the spirit.

While on the floor, the Lord revealed that there was someone there with cancer in the right breast. I put my hand up ….. There was no physical manifestation then but when I visited the doctor for my appointment the following Monday she surprisingly said she was going to schedule me for new tests. Thanks be to God, the results came a few weeks later that the cancer had gone. I know my testimony will glorify the Lord and encourage others that God heals every form of disease.”


Just a Thought

Rev. Aaron Linford


The central point of music is Middle C.  In a written score, below this central note is the bass clef, above it is the treble clef. Around this note all musical forms are arranged. One could call Middle C the master-key of staff notation, the decisive element of disciplined sound.

This reminds me of another middle C.   When Jesus was crucified two others perished with Him – “on either side one and Jesus in the midst” – the middle cross.   Here is the central point of the Christian faith: the focal scene of all its doctrine,  the fulcrum of spiritual power,  the hinge of salvation experience. On the hill of Golgotha, the Cross of Jesus   proved   a   division   of  destinies   between   the malefactors who died with Him.  On His right was the one who received Him as Saviour and Lord, on his left was the one  who   rejected   Him;   the  one  was   blessed  with “Paradise”,   the   other  endured   the  penalty  of divine judgement and so with us today.   To them that received Him to them gave He the power to become sons of God” (John 1:12). The middle Cross is still the place to which we may look unto Him and be saved. 

Leadership Factors

Rev. Grayson Jones


Leadership in AoG  UK is all about serving people. The expectation God places on us as Ministers is to love people more than preaching & to serve people rather than the pulpit.

To ‘SERVE’ requires us to:

SEE – Take time out this month to stop your routine, push aside paperwork, and disengage from sermon prep in order to SEE the needs around you. Busyness can be the enemy of fruitfulness. Take time out this month to stop & SEE where God is leading your church to serve. John Maxwell famously coined the phrase “leadership is influence”. However I’m discovering that if I want to influence somewhere I must first earn that right by serving.

ENGAGE AoG UK exists to create moments where people encounter Jesus. Nothing else matters as much! Therefore our challenge is finding fresh & innovative ways to engage with people to help them engage with God. It isn’t enough just to SEE the need: we must

ENGAGE too! A core mandate in Pastoral Leadership is to oversee communal transformation. But transformation is only possible through the power of Jesus & through authentic relationship inside of community. Let us as AoG leaders ENGAGE with this process throughout 2012.

REINVENT – Methods are not precious. And our strategies are not beyond scrutiny. Just because a tactic worked 15 years ago does not guarantee its success today. Therefore as leaders let’s REINVENT things where necessary. Question things, reassess things, ‘tweak’ things, re-evaluate things, create things, ask emerging leaders their opinion, and always ask “are we being successful or do we need to REINVENT?”

VALUE – Do we value people as highly as God does? Does our love for others spring from our status as a minister or from our love for Jesus? As ministers and leaders we are called to heap value on people not out of a job but out of a passion.

EMBODY Tenets of Faith, Historical Creeds, Vision Statements, Clever Motto’s, Funky Straplines, and 5-year Mission Goals are all well & good, but what people really want to know is: “does this person EMBODY what they claim to believe?” Are we genuine disciples? Do we truly live by faith? Is it obvious to others that we follow Jesus? To embody something is ‘to give tangible form to it’; it requires us to be a ‘visual expression’ of who God is. As leaders we must EMBODY the thrilling call-to-action that Jesus invites us to. 


Living Devotions

Rev. E. Anderson


Living Senior Ministries

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
— Deuteronomy 31:8

In the mid-1960s, Bill Russell was the star basketball center for the world-champion Boston Celtics. He dominated the boards, and with effortless ease, he seemed to take charge of the whole court once the game got underway. The whole team revolved around his larger-than-life presence. Sports fans watched him from a distance, respecting his command of the sport.

All people—even the ones who seem larger than life—deal with anxiety at some point in life. And as Christians, we can either allow anxiety to cripple or even paralyze us, or we can stare anxiety in the face just like Bill Russell did and work past it.

Don’t look for things to worry about. Instead, experience freedom from your worries by finding your security in Jesus Christ. With His power, you’ll be able to work through your fears and overcome any anxiety you face!


Ask God to give you the strength to overcome your anxieties and live boldly for Christ!


Meet the Christian Ministers

Rev. Binoy and Vincy Abraham



A PASTOR who spent more than a decade starting churches inIn­diahas seen the same success inBritainfollowing his return. 

Binoy Abraham, 35, and his wife Vincy, 30, hopes to spread the gospel toBritain’s Asian community in the coming years. After moving to Wales in 2007 when he started his first church, Victory Christian Centre, in Cardiff, the couple’s ministry has continued to grow.

Binoy said, The Lord kept ex­panding my vision to reach more cities across the UK, Over the last four years this has led to the growth of several churches and prayer cells with two of our churches – Cardiff and Oxford- coming under full status with AoG.

With an annual conference attracting 400 delegates, the future looks bright. Pastor Binoy added, ‘Over the coming years I see God doing great things among our churches and all AoG churches. I know that as I answered God’s call and followed my vision, I saw the expansion of God’s plan and growth of our churches in all areas.’

FOUR leading Christian theatre groups have produced dramas to help churches make the most of the 2012 Olympic Games. Saltmine, Lantern Arts, Riding Lights and Act4 will link up with Olympic outreach organisation More Than Gold to help spread the gospel at the Games.


Illustrations that Light up Life

Rev. E. Anderson

Angel in the Snow

Marisa A. Snyder

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place 1 have prepared” – Exodus 23:20

I felt the vibration of my cell phone hiding in my pocket. I could barely hear through the screaming. “It’s amazing and yet so mysterious! I don’t know how it got there!”

“What got there, Kathy? What are you talking about?” “The angel! There’s a drawing of an angel in the snow outside Kelly’s bedroom window! It’s blowing a horn and has a flowing robe. It looks like a child drew it with a stick or something. It’s smack in the middle of the big hill in our backyard. But how did it get there? There are no tracks around it!”

Later that afternoon, my minivan made its way up the familiar mountain to visit my friend. I explained to my two sons the reason for this trip. They were used to going with me to visit Kathy and her little girl Kelly, who had terminal brain cancer. She’d fought a tremendous battle and was now only days away from leaving the earth.

She’d had a miracle already. Her brain stem had ruptured, leaving her in a vegetative state. The doctors had proclaimed her clinically brain dead and took her off life support. A few hours later, she awoke and looked at her father and said, “Daddy, paint, hotdog.”

Now Kelly was back home and the family was waiting. It had been two weeks since her big miracle and now her days were numbered. We all were praying. The boys and I got out of our car into the freezing cold winds of February. Kathy met us and walked us out back. My sons had difficulty tromping in the deep snow. But soon they shouted, “Mommy, Mommy, I see the angel! There it is!”

My mouth hung open wide. In the middle of this massive snow-covered hill was a drawing of an enormous angel, seemingly drawn by a child. There was not a track or flaw in the snow around it.

Two weeks later, on Valentines Day, with the setting sun and a brilliant red sky, little Kelly passed on. Likely, the heralding snow angel escorted her home.


Healing Testimonies

MC Tempo


Top rap artist MC Tempo loved music so much it made him go deaf. But a miracle healing not only gave him back his hearing – it also saved him from suicide.

MC – real name Mark Edwards – is one ofEurope’s budding hip-hop stars. He is a regular on Radio 1 and has played alongside Judge Jules and Tim Westwood.

However, the Brighton-based artist became deaf in his left ear after an illegal rave. It was the low point of a downward spiral, which began with MC’s parents splitting up when he was just 11.

He was thrown out of three separate schools for unruly behaviour and, when he was 18, his sister, two years his junior, died. Mark started taking heroin and going on massive binge drinking sessions. He reached the point where he decided to kill himself.

“I remember thinking if this is what life was all about, I don’t want to be alive anymore. I thought of ways to kill myself. I was sure death was the end,” he said.

The only thing that kept him going was his love of music – of any kind. Mark was writing rap songs when he was 12 but was equally at home with hip-hop, reggae, rave, rock or classical.

One night he was in charge of an illegal rave, where he and other hosts competed to see who could play the loudest music.

“I ended up blowing my left eardrum,” he explains. “I couldn’t hear a thing on that side, but I still kept going to raves.”

As he got more depressed and hooked on drugs, Mark looked desperately for a way out. One night lying on his bed, he thought of the old RE lessons he had at school and started wondering if there really was a God.

“I cried out: ‘Lord, if you are there give me a sign,’ he said. “I wanted something real, not anything that could be classed as an illusion. I thought nothing more of it and closed my

What happened next stunned Mark.

He turned on the TV and saw images of a valley inIsraelwhere Jesus walked. But then… “I heard an audible voice call my name,” he said. “I just knew it was Jesus. He told me he loved me and had a plan for me. If I had taken drugs, I could have put it down to that or being drunk. But I was stone cold sober. I was also very freaked out.”

Mark spent the next few months reading the Bible. He didn’t understand half of it and forgot the rest. However, one phrase stuck in his mind. It was where Jesus said: ‘If you seek me with all your heart surely you will find me.’

At the time, Mark was still going to raves and getting wrecked. He was also reading the Bible and praying regularly.

“I started going to a church inBrightonwhere I lived. People were waving their hands in the air and falling over. I thought they were all a bunch of crackheads. I grabbed this guy, thinking he was having a heart attack, but he fell to his knees praying.”

Mark went on a course for people who want to know more about Christianity, where he asked a lot of questions – and found answers.

Still, the most amazing miracle was about to happen. Mark went to hear a man called Ram Baboo speaking in a nearby church.

Sitting in the gallery in a packed building with over 1,000 others, he felt happy staying in the background – but he was in for a shock.

“Ram came on the stage and pointed straight up at me,” said Mark.

“He said, ‘You are deaf in your left ear. Stand up, God wants to heal you.’ I thought, ‘How does he know that?!’ I didn’t have the bottle to stand up straight away.

“I figured I would call his bluff and wait for him to pick on someone else. But he didn’t back down, he said, ‘Look, God’s told me and God doesn’t lie. I know it’s you, stand up, God wants to heal you.’ I stood up, went to the front, got prayed for and I could hear again.”

That was seven years ago and Mark’s hearing has remained perfect since. He’s also turned his back on drugs and now knows the God who spoke to him.

His career has soared, whether hosting Christian music events or at large stadium events with 10,000 fans. Music critics have dubbed him the Christian Eminem.

“If God hadn’t come into my life when I called out, I’d either be dead or in jail by now,” he says.

“Inviting God into my life was the best thing I ever did. He spun me around and I haven’t stopped yet. I tell everyone: if you don’t know Jesus, just ask him to help you. Your life will never be the same again


Rev. E. Anderson


“He gives more grace” – James 4_6 NKJV

NANCY and Ed Huizinga were at church rehearsing for the Christmas programme when their home burned down. It wasn’t their first tragedy that year. Three months earlier when a friend, a widow with two teenagers, died of cancer, the Huizingas took her kids to live with them as part of the family. So when their house was destroyed it wasn’t just their home they lost, it was home to two kids who’d already lost their parents.

The following week as they sifted through the ashes they found a slip of paper that survived the fire. On it they read these words: ‘Contentment: Realising God has already provided everything we need for our present happiness.’ ‘God gives you ‘more grace’ when you walk through fiery trials. One Bible teacher says: ‘Our perspective changes when we catch a glimpse of the purpose of Christ Take that away, and its nothing more than a bitter, terrible experience.

Suffering comes in many forms, but His grace is always there to carry us beyond it. I’ve endured a sufficient number of trials to say without hesitation that only Christ’s perspective can replace resentment with rejoicing. Jesus is the central piece of suffering’s puzzle. If we fit Him into place, the rest begins to make sense. Donna VanLiere writes: ‘When life blindsides us…and the diagnosis, abuse, foreclosure, broken marriage, death or financial collapse brings us to our knees… grace says there’s more love after infidelity, more joy after the diagnosis, and more life after financial ruin…grace is real…an indomitable gift with power to change your life. But it comes with one condition—like any gift, you have to reach out and take it’

Time for a Laugh

Rev. E. Anderson


One Sunday after church Mom asked her very young daughter what the lesson was about.

Her daughter answered, “Don’t be scared, you’ll get your quilts.”  Needless to say,

Mom was perplexed.

Later in the day, the Pastor stopped by for tea.  Mom asked him what that morning’s

Sunday school lesson was about.

He said, “Be not afraid, Thy comforter is coming.”


An explorer in the deepest Amazon suddenly finds himself surrounded by a bloodthirsty group of natives. Upon surveying his situation, he says quietly to himself, “I’m toast.”

A ray of light breaks forth from the sky and a voice booms out: “No, you are NOT toast. Pick up that stone in front of you and bash the head of the chief.”

So the explorer picks up the stone and proceeds to bash in the head of the chief. He is breathing heavily while standing above the sprawled out-chief.

Surrounding him are the 100 native warriors with a look of shock on their faces.

The voice booms out again: “Okay…NOW you’re toast!”


Police were called to a day care where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.

A short fortune-teller escaped from prison to become a small medium, at-large.



Rev. E. Anderson


“If the LORD had not been on our side . . .”    PSALM 124:1

Team building is a key skill for business today. Employers are looking far and wide to acquire people who understand how to harness a unique and talented group of people and lead them to accomplish great things, people who know how to motivate, recruit, and lead. And when they find them, they pay big salaries to get them and keep them.

If you manage or run a business, you understand the value of great people on your team. They are worth their weight in gold. Once you find them, you will do whatever is necessary to keep them. They are the keys to your success.

But what about your team for the rest of your life? This is your life team, the people around you who keep you on firm footing and headed in the right direction: your spouse, family, closest friends, advisers, and colleagues. They are invaluable to you. They help you in success and failure, celebrating and correcting, laughter and tears. You could not make it without them.

But if those are the only members of your team, then you have fallen short.

“If the LORD had not been on our side . . . ,” the psalmist declares. The rest is obvious. If the Lord had not been on our side, then He would be on the other side. Against us. Opposing us the way He opposes the proud. The very idea should make us shudder and drive us to our knees. And yet even the idea of having God on our side falls short. Again, way short.

In reality, it is not God Who has signed on to our team for the salary of our faith in Him and the bonus of our occasional worship and devotion. Quite the con­trary; we are on His side. Not only that, He recruited us when we were too blind and dumb to understand what a good deal we were getting. He vouched for us when we had nothing to offer. He gave us gifts we didn’t work for. And He over­paid us lavishly—with His very life.

Yes, the team that is being built is His. The talents we possess are from Him. And the victories we enjoy as our own are in reality His. Let’s hold loosely to what seems to be ours and worship Him fully for what we know to be His.

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