Christian Testimony

Paul Gbegbaje


A PIANIST WHO WOWED Britain’s Got Talent judges has revealed how he read the Bible instead of Playboy at school.

Paul Gbegbaje, 19, finally got one over on bullies who mocked him for reading his Bible and called him ‘Jesus Freak’ at school.

Paul, of Dagenham, East London, managed to get into the live final of the TV show last month, still has strong faith and he even proved back stage before his performance.

He said: “I knew God was with me.  He really came through for me”.

All three judges voted Paul through  to the next round when he revealed how he taught himself by drawing a keyboard on a piece of paper because he didn’t have a piano to practice on at home.

Paul told TV Biz: “I was different because of what I believed in. In year eight I will bring my Bible for reading time and they
would bring Playboy and stuff like that. They would call me “Jesus Freak”.

“I didn’t swear, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink and didn’t bunk. They were listening to things in the charts, whereas I was listening to the piano”.

But now some  of his tormentors have been in touch to wish him well.

Paul said: “Some of them even e-mail me on Facebook saying “Well done” I feel like I have some form of victory. I had the last laugh.


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