Just a Thought

Rev. A. Linford


“Not many noble are called – 1 Corinthians1:26

The Countess of Huntington, friend and patron of George Whitfield, thanked God for the letter M, it changed ‘not any’ into ‘not many’..She was one of the few aristocrats of the day to respond to the appeal of the Gospel.

The noble (as we call this elite stratum of society) are hard to reach, and harder still to teach, for the noble are often tainted with ignoble pride. One noted divine, preaching on the Ethiopian Eunuch of Acts 8:27, marvelled that an aristocrat read the Scriptures, and more, that he admired he could not understand them and asked for help. But there are famous exceptions.

However, true nobility is not the monopoly of those of higher order, the nobility of character. Tennyson put it

‘Howe’re it be, it seems to me, ‘Tis only noble to be good; Kind heads are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood’.

The noblest character that ever graced this planet earth was the penniless prophet from Nazareth – Jesus. Poor, unlearned, obscure, He now dominates the hearts of half the world’s population. He had no titles, He held no degrees, but, even after 2,000 years, He is the greatest force in modern civilisation. And all who follow Him are among the noblest of living mortals.


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