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Dr. David Allen


Shortly after I began to teach at a C of E secondary school in Bury, Lancs, I joined the local    AOG assembly. My headmaster, Raymond Petts (no relation!) took me to one side and asked me, “Are these Pentecostals you have joined orthodox or a cult from theUSA?”  I assured him that   “We are more orthodox than the Church of England.” Orthodox and more than that!

The headmaster continued and asked what our basis of faith was:  the Creed, the 39 Articles or the Prayer Book? Having just read Donald Gee’s book on the Pentecostal Movement, and quoting from him, I explained the Bible was our origin and basis and particularly that our  name derived from the first Day of Pentecost in Acts 2.  That was the beginning of a number of conversations in my five-year tenure as a teacher of History and English. The lady who taught what was then called  RE –  she was a  “bells and smells”  Anglican -explained that she prayed via the  saints, and particularly through Mary, as they were more  sympathetic than   God who  was   surely very stern  and far less approachable. When I explained   we can “go to the top”, through Jesus, her reply was simple, “You must be very happy.”

I am doubly happy that one of my very first pupils, later was saved and, more than that, her daughter has since obtained a degree from Mattersey and has married the pastor of that same assembly! This personal note now brings me to make a very important point regarding Pentecostalism: not only is our faith soundly orthodox – firmly based on Scripture and the ancient Creeds- but it is orthodoxy set on fire through the Holy Spirit.

My years among the Anglicans taught me many things: the central importance of the   Eucharist, particularly the beauty of the liturgy going back to Cranmer, and the treasury of the hymnal.  But what I learned in those years only came to real life and fire  later when I became a Pentecostal fifty years ago!



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