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                         Tim and Ceri Griffiths


Joy as couple see lifetime vision take shape.

A COUPLE of ex-missionaries saw a lifetime vision start to take shape when work started on a children’s village in Sierra Leone last year.

Tim and Ceri Griffiihs, pastors at Crayford Christian fellowship, established Compassion Africa in 1990, a few years after returning from Sierra Leone where they worked as missionary relief Workers. The former teachers set up the charity after witnessing the ‘appalling’ poverty and huge problems endured by the people of the West African nation. ‘


Their compassion Africa Children’s village is the latest project. It will include a multi-purpose community centre, skills workshop, school, after-school facilities, a medical centre and playing fields. 

Pastor Tim said: “The Compassion Africa Children’s Village will rescue and rehabilitate children who have been orphaned or are in need.

“Our village will provide a cohesive, cooperative, organised community in which well behaved and lovingly disciplined children will live in families of four to six people at a time”.  Each house built from locally manufactured brick will be individually designed an have its own garden.

A community-based training programme will run in the village for residents in the surrounded area which will cover personal and spiritual development, life an leadership skills, vocational an creative arts skills.



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