Sermon Starters


                                     Rev. E. Anderson



Everybody leaves something whether it is good or bad, but we must make sure we leave the best and the right sort of things. One cannot have lived without passing on something to the next generation and one must make sure that it is something of true value.

There is something more important than leaving riches, properties etc. Many people think it is very important to go in for all that is of a material order and so spend nearly all, if not the most of their lives, in hot pursuit of material gain thinking that such is the be and end of everything. They reckon that if they can leave something of vast fortune to their offspring and heirs that they have accomplished something of note. They little realise that there are things far more valuable than any treasures.

Illustration: Jesus Christ left a legacy. He said on one occasion to His disciples; “My peace I leave with you” – John 14: 27.  That is something worth leaving and inheriting. It is not a material possession but an absolute necessity if life is to be lived with any real pleasure and satisfaction.

Here are some of the choice and precious things that one can bequeath in life and memory.


One of the greatest things that Christ left was the rich and abiding witness of His own life for others to consider and emulate. His life has been an inspiration to study and to be made acquainted with all the wonderful qualities that He possessed in perfection. No wonder He is set up as our example to copy. What kind of example will you leave?


It is the will of Christ that all who come to faith in Him should know the rich blessing of the Holy Spirit in their lives. All should know what it is to be baptized and filled with the Spirit and in a continual sense. There should be the passing of this blessing on to others, just like Elijah left the cloak of blessing for Elisha to possess and use. The leadership of the infant church was used to pass on the legacy – see Acts 19: 1-6. Every Christian should be an ‘anointed one’ and pass on the divine legacy.


Service should be engaged by all Christians for they have been divinely saved and called to serve and the work done should be contagious and infectious so that others catch the spirit and commitment to serve. Onesiphorus served Paul in a beautiful manner and sets an example and inspiration on how to do good to others – 2 Timothy 1:


The opportunity is presented in the making and forming of relationships that become meaningful and profitable. As a consequence of our life and being, people should be greatly impacted by our contribution to their lives and they in turn form sound and wholesome accord with others. See how Paul formed good relationships to great profit.


We are called upon to both sow and reap and this should be in the performance of good deeds that bring in some great returns. There should also be a working for the conversion and salvation of other people so that there is a bumper harvest of souls for Christ’s kingdom. A great contribution should be made in the increasing of His Church through our life  and labour so that we leave a legacy of new Christians to bless Christ’s kingdom.


Make certain that you are making out your will in a positive manner and that leave behind things that will be to your eternal credit and praise.



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