Knowing the Truth


                                  Rev. Alan Hocking


At a large banquet, an aged minister found himself at the side of a famous actor.  After the meal, the actor was asked if he would give them a recitation.   He hesitated, for he was not sure which particular passage would be acceptable to such a mixed gathering.   The minister handed him his Bible, saying, “Here, read the 23rd Psalm, everyone knows that.”

The actor stood to his feet and with all the ability he had, read those well known verses.  As he finished, a burst of applause came from the assembled guests.  Unexpectedly, however, he turned to the minister and said, “now you read it”.  As the man of God repeated the well known words, eyes began to fill with tears, and men and women alike were moved by the psalm.  No one felt the difference more keenly than the actor.   When the minister had finished, he turned to him, and said, “you did much better than I, and I think I know why.  I know the psalm but you know the shepherd.”

Perhaps you, along with many people can repeat the 23rd Psalm.  “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want….”  But do you know the shepherd?  This particular psalm gives a wonderful picture of God’s care and protection of those who put their trust in Him.    Instead of trying to make it by yourself through life and the many problems and difficulties we encounter, why not let the Good Shepherd of the 23rd psalm lead YOU all the days of your life?



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