Knowing the Truth


                                    Rev. A. Hocking


Today we live in an age that is faced with problems no other generation has had to cope with.   It’s no wonder that the suicide rate is continually going up, that the sales of headache pills and tranquillisers have never been so high, and that more and more people are seeking the help and guidance of psychiatrists.

Perhaps you have a problem in your life that you cannot cope with.  You feel depressed, worried, wondering what to do?

Well, the first step is to identify the problem!  That may sound so obvious as to be ridiculous, but think about it for a moment.  Many people faced with a situation of difficulty they do not know how to deal with, simply, like the ostrich, bury their heads in the sand and hope it’ll go away. A recent survey found that many people with financial problems simply do not open bank or credit card statements for example.  But what happens?  The problem simply gets worse.  Some go off to the pub hoping to ‘drown their sorrows’ but that doesn’t work.  In fact, the subsequent hang over simply makes it ten times worse!  Others try drugs, or live in the fantasy world of TV.

All doing anything but face the real problem.  Often we’re so taken up with the symptoms, we can’t see the real problem. 

The family that can’t make ends meet may well find that their real problem is that money is being wasted on non essentials like sweets for the children or magazines they never read, so there is none left for the rent or to buy food.

Get behind the symptoms.  Find the real problem.  Face up to it.  If necessary seek help.  And don’t forget that God is available to help – He’s only a prayer away.



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