Illustrations that Light up Life


                                     Rev. E. Anderson


“God meant it for good” Genesis 50: 20 NKJV

Before World War ll Josefina Guerrero was the toast of Manila, young, vivacious and married to a wealthy medical student. Then in 1941 she discovered she had leprosy. Immediately she began treatment, but when Japan invaded the Philippines all the leper hospitals were abandoned. Despite her disease Joey joined the underground, smuggling food, clothes, medicines and messages to POWs. She mapped out fortifications along the waterfront and the location of anti-aircraft batteries.

When guerrillas discovered a newly-sown minefield where the 37th Division was scheduled to land in Manila, they asked her to get the message through. With little thought for her own life she trudged through miles of enemy encampments with the map taped to her back and delivered it safely.

Because of her courage many dangerous missions were completed and the US War Department awarded her the Medal of Freedom with silver palm for saving untold American lives. Amazingly, Joey was never caught. In fact, Japanese soldiers had a horror of the ragged little woman who shuffled through the streets of Manila.  And even when she was stopped they didn’t detain her long, once they recognised the swathed bandages and lesions of advancing leprosy.

George Mueller said, ‘In a thousand trials it’s not just five hundred that work for our good, but nine hundred and ninety-nine; plus one!’ The Scripture, ‘God planned good to come out of it’ means that no disaster, disease or delay can keep Him from turning it into something worthwhile. Understanding that God forgives your past knows your present and has planned your future, lets you walk in the confidence that nothing can ever happen to you that is beyond the scope of His grace and redemption!

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