Word Studies


                                   Rev. K. W. Munday


Word Studies is presented by Rev. K. W. Munday, retired minister and former General Secretary of Assemblies of God for many years. He has served the body of Christ with grace and distinction, is an excellent, quality preacher and speaker, broadcaster, writer of books and still active in Christian service. His contributions here on Word Studies should prove a great means of blessing, inspiration and instruction.


Science is the embodiment of information concerning the universe around to us, and it is the work of scientists to find out how things work what is the nature of material things, what laws are operating, what new discoveries can be made and what new inventions are possible. It is a very exciting subject.

Homo sapiens has always been a curious creature. Always seeking answers to our questions and thing to find how things ‘tick’. They sometimes take years to research their projects and history has shown some of the results. Radio, TV, Computers, Mobile phones and Jet aircraft etc. But that’s not the end of the story. Science has also devised guns and bombs which have brought so much death and misery. So, has science justified itself ? The answer is both yes and no, and the flaws are to be found in human nature rather than in science per se.

Unfortunately, even amoral inventions can be mis-used. The TV can bring information education and entertainment to millions, but at the flick of a switch it can pollute the minds of the viewers. Likewise a bus may carry a nurse on the way to her ministry of mercy at a hospital, while in the seat behind her could be a burglar or a terrorist.

We live in a wonderfully complex world which is forever revealing its secrets to the seeker. New methods are adopted, new laws discovered and new inventions constantly astound the public. Many of them have brought relief to stirrers, comfort to the weary and labour-saving devices to the busy house-wives.

But afore we get carried away with all the propaganda or start worshipping at the Shrine of Technology, we must not overlook another kind of knowledge or another kind of science.

The obvious and more popular one is concerned with the material world and stops short of the meta-physical entity, which means that there is another whole world waiting to be discovered . . . and enjoyed. It’s the spiritual world, and it calls for spiritual Columbus’s to do it. In the spiritual world, (and it’s invisibility does not detract from it’s existence) the key is not in the operation of a law or the application of a theory, but in a Person, and according to the book of Revelation He has the keys . . . . He is Jesus Christ and He opens up experiences that science cannot deal with. Forgiveness of sins, a clear conscience and peace of mind, not forgetting the settling of destiny.

His word to us is ”Seek and you will find” and His prayer for us all is that we might know Him (God) whom to KNOW IS LIFE ETERNAL! That’s what you could call real science!



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