Prayer Dynamics


                                   Rev. E. Anderson


Father, in these quiet moments we have caught a glimpse of Thy glory. Inspire us, our Father, to carry into the everydayness of our lives all to which we aspire at such a moment as this. May our faith have feet and hands, a voice and a heart, that it may minister to others, that the gospel we profess may shine in our faces and be seen in our lives.

May we return to face the grind of the monotonous and the humdrum routine of duty with a new vision. Wilt Thou transform for us our common tasks and glorify them with a new light, that we may this week apply ourselves to them with fidelity and devotion.

Bless the homemakers, the mothers, and the servants who minister in the home, who maintain the sanctuaries to which tired men return.

Bless that noble company in white, the doctors and nurses. May their ministrations interpret the love and the pity of God..

Bless the teachers, often unheralded and unappreciated.

Bless all who are responsible for our transportation, who move us across this lovely land; all who in silence, and sometimes in darkness, toil while others sleep, that we may enjoy life and enjoy it more abundantly.

May Thy blessing rest upon all men who minister to their fellows. May each of us in our daily round come to know the joy of partnership with Thee, our Father in Heaven. In the name of Him who came “not to be ministered unto but to minister,” we join these, our prayers. Amen.

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