Messages of Note

                                        evan roy todd

                                  Evangelist Roy Todd


TOO OFTEN IN CHARISMATIC churches, there is a mistaken assumption that fast-paced, high-energy events are what we need in order to see God’s power. Frankly, this is misguided nonsense.

What’s really required is a willingness to create space for God to do what only he can do. And no matter how action-packed a programme may be, there really are no short cuts to signs and wonders.

Far from putting on a variety of extra programmes, bless is what we need to learn. That’s about making room for God to manifest himself to us. This requires a tidying-up process on our part, which challenges us to re-assess whether what we’re doing is helpful or simply in the way. Yet there’s something about our insecurities that feels threatened by minimalist, thinking that only when lots of things are going on are we going to see something happen.

Many churches are far too afraid to clear their clutter of activities: will people still worship without our style of music? Will members keep coming to church if the programme changes? Will they continue to give financially if we stop the things that we feel need to be brought to an end?

Of course there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with music styles, programmes, extra activities and the rest. But if those things become more important than himself, they turn into clutter. The process of de-cluttering is not about losing, but providing opportunity tfor God to pour in. After all, only when there is emptiness can God really do something of significance.

The first record miracle of Jesus was at a wedding in the town of Cana of Galilee. Disaster was looming for the party organizers because they had run out of wine.

The six huge jars were completely drained. But unbeknown to the servants that day, it was the perfect condition for a God miracle. Emptiness is always a good place to commence when you want to see the miraculous. What should have been a terrible anti-climax was soon to turn into an even more joyful occasion. ln the end, the servants had no option but to trust Jesus. This is the kind of faith that God likes.

Before I left Ireland to study in England, I bought myself a very good digital piano so l could bring it with me. I loved it and would practice on it for hours each day.

One day, I felt the Holy Spirit challenge me to give it away to a certain couple. I arranged for it to be delivered to their home and, upon my arrival, I was met with huge expressions of gratitude and  appreciation which included tears of joy and laughter.

To be honest, the only tears that were coming to my eyes were the ones that appear when you feel you’ve done something really stupid. But it wasn’t too long afore all that changed.

When I returned home that night, I found a letter under my front door. I opened it and inside was a cheque from a man who had no idea what I’d just done. God had told him to bless me and the amount On the cheque was more than double what I paid for the digital piano that I’d just given away.

As I stood there, I heard the Holy Spirit speak into my spirit saying I dare you to trust me. I dare you to trust me! God was teaching me the importance of creating space for him to display his miraculous provision in my life.

And so it is the case for those who want to see more miracles. There must be willingness to leave behind what’s really not needed. This takes real faith.



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