Christian Testimony

                                 darren day

                                     Darren Day


He’s been dubbed a love rat and was left bankrupt after feeding a cocaine habit.

But now celebrity actor Darren Day vows he is a changed man.

The 40-year-old has changed his appearance, but Darren credits his personality overhaul to God.

“I pray every night before I go to bed,” he said.

“I thank God for my wife and my kids and for the fact I’m still here.

“My daughter Madison was very poorly after she was born. She arrived five weeks premature by emergency Caesarean sectioning.”

While his daughter and wife Stephanie were recovering, Darren went down to the hospital chapel.

“I fell to my knees at the altar sobbing. I was praying to God, begging him to please, please let my daughter be OK. Thankfully, she pulled through.

“I’d never really thought about God that much before but I can’t help but think there was a link between me asking for help, and my prayers being answered. It triggered something in me”.

Darrell, who shot to fame in 1993 aged just 24 when he was cast to take over from Jason Donovan in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dreamboat, has hit the headlines for the all the wrong reasons over the years.

After a string of scandals, including various love affairs and a £300-a-daycocaine habit, Darren admits he was a ‘naughty boy’.

He says his marriage to fellow actress Stephanie has massively helped.

“I know I’ve been caught out before saying this girl is ‘The One’ but Steph really is. I have never felt so loved or in love.

“I used to go out every night. Now I’m in bed by 10pm.”

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