Meet the Christian Ministers

                                      john and dawn andrews

                       Dr John and Dawn Andrews

John currently serves as the Director of Training at Mattersey Hall taking up the post in September 2006.  As part of his wider responsibilities in Mattersey he serves on the Senior Leadership Team and lectures Perspectives on Luke/Acts (1st year), Biblical perspectives on the Local Church (2nd year) and Pentecostal Church History (3rd year).  He is also involved in our Post Graduate program lecturing on the Mth, MA in Mission and or Masters in Missional Leadership.

He has been in full-time Church leadership since 1987.  He is presently the Senior Minister of Rotherham New Life Christian Centre, in South Yorkshire, England, taking up the post in September 1997 and also serves as a member of the National Leadership Team of British Assemblies of God.  John has recently been involved and headed up National AoG training including the organisation and running of the Inspire conference for probationary ministers.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, John is married Dawn and together they have three children, Elaina, Simeon and Beth-Anne. He is a graduate of the Assemblies of God Bible College, Mattersey Hall, he holds a Masters degree in Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies from Sheffield University and a Doctorate from the University of Wales.  He has authored seven books, Truthformation, Rest, Hope, Loved, Mission is Like a Box of Chocolates, Moving Beyond Mediocrity and his latest book Identity Theft.  He is in the process of having his latest book ‘The Real F Word’ published which will be on Sale in the very near future!

John’s hobbies include supporting his beloved football team Liverpool, going to the gym, listening to music, reading, writing and watching great movies. He loves to eat and among his favourite food groups are, Chinese, Italian and CHOCOLATE!!!


Messages of Note

                                     Rev. David Shearman

                               Rev. David Shearman

THE CHALLENGE TO THE LIFE OF FAITH                       

Rev. David Shearman

We sometimes need to remind ourselves of the challenge to a life of faith.  Abraham, now successful, wealthy and well travelled is tested by God – “Some time later God tested Abraham” (Gen 22:1).  The road to Moriah is not the most favoured page on life’s map!  It challenges us to put our future, our dreams, our hopes and aspirations on God’s altar and trust him for the outcome.  Some of the points of the Genesis 22 context bring a contemporary relevance and help us face the same test:-

1.         We need to hear God’s voice (v1-2)

2.         We must start out (v3)

3.         On the way we need to see (v4) and make the right confessions – “Stay here… we will worship and then we will come back to you” (v5 ); “and God himself will provide the lamb…” (v8)

4.         At the place of sacrifice (v9-10) we must do the right things; build an altar…. obey… and hear the voice of God again.

5.         After the test (v12-14) (and thank God it does end) God makes a new provision – Hallelujah for that.

God wants to say to us, “Now I know” (v12) and “Because you have done this” (v16).  Why?  Because he wants to reinforce his blessings and promises.

So, make sure your ‘because’ is strong enough for you to pass the test.  It will mean His because will be strong enough to bless. 

Please read Genesis 22:1-16 and reflect on your own response.

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