Leadership Factors


                                           Rev. E. Anderson





Here is another factor within the strategy – the perfect timing of the Lord in all matters. It should be learned by Christian leaders that God is a timekeeper and that He is never before or ahead of time. There has to be the creation and cultivation of patience so that no mistake occurs and that no folly is committed. Many years ago, in my second pastorate, the Lord spoke into my spirit as I was walking down the street in Louth, Lincolnshire. He said; “I am never in a hurry.” This has lived with me through the years and aided me in waiting for His time schedule. This is all part of His tactics. He waits for ‘the fullness of time’ and so must we! Haste makes things premature and creates all kind of difficulties that would not be so with the exercise of a spirit of calmness and confidence.

  • It happened in the life and work of Joshua – Joshua 1: 2 “Now therefore arise . . .” God has a wonderful way of saying the right word at the right time. The leader, here, had been quietly prepared over a long period of time under the best of mentoring through Moses to be ready for a colossal mission. He had been through his paces and divine examination in readiness for the moment when he would be thrust into the position of overall leader of this rising, great nation and people. It was not to be too soon but right according to the divine schedule. Both Joshua and all the people knew beyond doubt that the ‘when’ was absolutely spot on. Later events and experiences indicate that no mistake was made as to the opportune arrangement.
  • It happened in the life and work of Elisha both as to His calling and into the ultimate expression of it – 1 Kings 19: 19-21; 2 Kings 2. He was immediate when the mantle fell on him thus showing his utter sensitivity to what was taking place and that this was the precise moment for him to respond and act in a positive fashion. There was a decisiveness in his mind and action that explicitly reveal that he was wide awake to the God-given opportunity that was now being presented to him and this was the correct moment to move out and on with Elijah. After years of steadfast devotion, there was no loss of spiritual awareness as to timing. He knew his master was on his way out and he knew he was on his way in. There was no way that he was going to miss out on the timing of God for an anointed life and ministry. He moved in to fill the gap.
  • It happened in the life and work of good queen Esther – Esther 4: 14. Suddenly she is acquainted with the fact that she has a major role to fulfil for God and His people. The ‘now’ breaks upon her understanding through her uncle Mordecai stating that this is hour of movement and action for her. It was not only the fact that she was in the right place but that the time was ripe to act in the capacity of being Israel’s intercessor before the king. It was to be the great act of her life.



These are somewhat linked together in their outworking and are essential to marked progress, development and ultimate achievement. They are separate factors but are joined together in operation. It is imperative that these are considered in the strategy and it is the Lord that seeks to show the means and manner in which things are to be done, how leaders are to conduct operations. Mistakes are often made here that cause a great deal of embarrassment and loss and so must be watched. David was a good and godly man but he got it altogether wrong when he decided to move the ark of God back to Jerusalem. The strategy was altogether wrong and a price was to be paid for it – 2 Samuel 6. 

  • The what reflects the agenda in terms of divine purpose. God revealed His purposes and intention to Moses that He was to deliver Israel from the tyranny of Egypt – Psalm 103: 7 “He made His ways unto Moses.” This was made plain to him at the burning bush – Exodus 3: 7-10. In no uncertain way God showed to this man that the where and when was right and now He is revealing what is about to happen. It is the distinct revelation of what God has in mind and is to achieve and this has to be grasped and become the inner conviction of the leader. It is to be known where God is going and what is to be realized. This is seen again in the case of Joshua – 1: 1-9; Elijah – 1 Kings 19: 15-21; the Christian Church – Acts 1: 1-8. The Lord is very clear in His objectives and seeks to make known what he is doing and where He is going. The Lord does have and agenda for Christian leadership and it is imperative for leaders to be fully aware of and be acquainted with it. He is able to show what is about to happen and then give true foresight as to how to act and respond to what is before.
  • The how on the tactics involved in the outworking of the divine purpose. Having stated the overall purpose, the tactics and procedures begin to be unveiled. The Lord shows to Moses the way by which Pharaoh will release His people from their captivity. It would be unique and completely different to human plan and expectation. There was to be exercised through the miraculous given to Moses a supernatural ministry that would prove to Israel the power of their God and to Pharaoh that he was helpless against such. It was by the hand and providence of the Almighty that Moses was to lead and bring about the historic deliverance. Moses got his tactics and technique from the Lord. He masterminded it all and evidenced His know how in all matters.

Illustration: Joshua had major problems on how Jordan was to be negotiated and how Jericho was to be taken but he need not have worried because they were under divine control. Such was already sorted out and settled in the schedule of God. When the time and purpose is right there is no want on God’s part to unveil the methods. Our problem is we try to produce our own methods and end up in failure. There is a profitable study of this to be found in the Scriptures.


This may be referred to last but it is a major thing as far as God is concerned in Christian leadership. Not only should the where, when, what and how be in place, the right people should be occupying the proper places in order to obtain the divine result that God designs. It is people coming on to the scene at the apt hour and fulfilling the appointed task and ministry. This is an area where much comes unstuck because of the ideas and interference of men. Human manipulation and carnal politics take over and ruin choice factors. Thankfully, in His overall sovereignty and wisdom God rescues and secures His purposes.

  • God appoints and uses the most unlikely candidates for mission and ministry – 1 Corinthians 1:26-31. Many that He summoned and anointed and powerfully used did not consider themselves as worthy candidates. For instance, Gideon disowned any prominence or power to be employed by the Lord to effect a dynamic leadership – Judges 6: 15. The psalmist recognized the lowly status of David prior to his call to be king and ruler – Psalm 78: 70-72. Amos disclaimed all pretence about his calling and past – Amos 7:14. The Lord is sovereign in His choosing and using.
  • God brings people together to serve His plans and are part of His operations. He brought a Joshua alongside Moses, an Elisha to aid Elijah, a combination of Peter and John and Barnabas and Paul to tactically operate together for great good and advantage. The latter, Barnabas, had the good sense to see that the ministry of Paul was what was needed in Antioch to make the church stronger and more effectual – Acts 11:25-26. The Lord equally, today, has personnel to bring alongside us so that may be better off spiritually and strategically.
  • God employs both sexes in the accomplishing of His will – Matthew 1: 18-25; Luke 1: 5-55. Both a Zacharias and Elisabeth and a Joseph and Mary were to be chosen to play a significant purpose in the outworking of the plan of salvation. The husband and wife team was vital in His program. They were to cooperate and unite with God in the task assigned to them – see also Aquilla and Priscilla – Acts 18: 2, 26; Romans 16: 3; 2 Timothy 4: 19.



In simply considering the great ‘why’ of divine strategy one comes to these noble conclusions and convictions: 

  • It is the finest way of doing things.
  • It leads to best and greatest results.
  • It produces the worthiest of ends – God’s glory and this is primary and what matters.

It makes for making of divine leaders for this and the next world.


Powerful Quotes


                                   Rev. L. Goodwin


Too many churchgoers are singing ‘Standing on the Promises’ when all they are doing is sitting on the premises 

Some people complain because God put thorns on roses, while others praise Him for putting roses among thorns

The cure of crime is not the electric chair, but in the high chair

The bridge you burn may be the one you later have to cross 

The measure of a man is not how great his faith is but how great his love is 

Real friends are those who, when you’ve made a fool of yourself, don’t feel you’ve done a permanent job 

Be careful your marriage doesn’t become a duel instead of a duet 

The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground


Divine Courage


                                      Rev. E. Anderson


READING   Genesis 42

TEXT          v36


Chequered Career:  If ever a person went through changing circumstances and conditions, it was Jacob. Quite a lot is recorded concerning this man thus showing the importance of his life and experience and the lessons that are to be learned from it.  He appears to have gone through a great deal, a variety of situations, to face and courage was essential in order that they may be overcome.  He did have to face the seeming “all things” and they did appear to be “against him.”

Committed Spirit:  There was within Jacob this determined will to succeed in spite of whatever came to attack and destroy his spirit and person.  Although there was much to discourage and frustrate he arrives at being ‘a prince with God’ and an overcomer.  He presses through everything that comes his way and emerges triumphant because he has a committed spirit Godward.  One sees the areas in which he shows immense fortitude and will.


Jacob never did find it easy to deal with himself.  Right from the start he possessed a nature that did not help him in any way.  He wrestled throughout with a twisted condition that was ultimately sorted out in the grace and government of God.  It brought about a lot of problems within himself and others, but eventually he broke through and became an conqueror of spiritual renown.  There may well have been times when he despaired in this connection but faith and fellowship with God brought the dynamic change.


He not only had himself to deal with, he had his family.  They were not an easy assignment by any means.  His parents had problems, he had difficulties with his brother Esau (contrast of characters), he had major issues with Laban and his own wives and his sons were a real hotchpotch of personalities.  Somehow he had to overcome all the things that arose within all these relationships.



In having to move out from home he has to spend nights out under the starry heaven alone.  He moves into the family unit of Laban but still senses this fact of loneliness. In moving out to meet his brother with the possibility of confrontation, he feels inwardly distressed and he is alone when he meets God at Peniel.  He is cut up over the loss of Joseph etc., but wins through these ordeals.  Life and character toughened up in a divine way 

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”


The confrontation and wrestling match with God was quite a conflict but he turns out to be a victor. There was the readiness to engage in conflict and it was no slight or short encounter.  He comes out with a choice change and name.  He does not fail in this vital conflict and God is pleased and blesses him in a tremendous fashion.

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