Illustrations that Light up Life


                                     Rev. E. Anderson


“God meant it for good” Genesis 50: 20 NKJV

Before World War ll Josefina Guerrero was the toast of Manila, young, vivacious and married to a wealthy medical student. Then in 1941 she discovered she had leprosy. Immediately she began treatment, but when Japan invaded the Philippines all the leper hospitals were abandoned. Despite her disease Joey joined the underground, smuggling food, clothes, medicines and messages to POWs. She mapped out fortifications along the waterfront and the location of anti-aircraft batteries.

When guerrillas discovered a newly-sown minefield where the 37th Division was scheduled to land in Manila, they asked her to get the message through. With little thought for her own life she trudged through miles of enemy encampments with the map taped to her back and delivered it safely.

Because of her courage many dangerous missions were completed and the US War Department awarded her the Medal of Freedom with silver palm for saving untold American lives. Amazingly, Joey was never caught. In fact, Japanese soldiers had a horror of the ragged little woman who shuffled through the streets of Manila.  And even when she was stopped they didn’t detain her long, once they recognised the swathed bandages and lesions of advancing leprosy.

George Mueller said, ‘In a thousand trials it’s not just five hundred that work for our good, but nine hundred and ninety-nine; plus one!’ The Scripture, ‘God planned good to come out of it’ means that no disaster, disease or delay can keep Him from turning it into something worthwhile. Understanding that God forgives your past knows your present and has planned your future, lets you walk in the confidence that nothing can ever happen to you that is beyond the scope of His grace and redemption!

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Powerful Quotes


                                     Rev. L. Goodwin


The age of a woman doesn’t mean a thing.

The best tunes are played on old fiddles – Sigmund Z. Engel 

No man is ever old enough to know better – Holbrook Jackson


The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time – Abraham Lincoln 

Whenever a man’s friends begin to compliment him about looking young, he may be sure that they  think he is growing old – Washington Irving

Growing old is like being penalised for a crime you haven’t committed – Anthony Powell 

Grey hair is great. Ask anyone who’s bald – Lee Trevino 

By the time a man is wise enough to watch his step he’s too old to go anywhere – Earl Wilson 

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young – Fred Astaire 

The old believe everything: the middle-age suspect everything: the young know everything – Oscar Wilde


Messages of the Moment


                                       Rev. E. Anderson


by Rick Warren

“A man’s wisdom gives him patience…” – Proverbs 19:11 NIV.

It’s amazing how fifteen minor frustrations at the office can add up to one big, bad attitude by the time you head for home. Frustrations come in three varieties:

1. Interruptions: Unexpected visitors or phone calls when you have a deadline to meet or something important requires your attention. Our best plans are often interrupted.
2. Inconveniences: While interruptions are usually from people, inconveniences are usually situations involving things: the copy machine breaks down, traffic jams up, or you can’t find what you need when you need it.
3. Irritations: Long delays, unreliable people, playing telephone tag, catching a cold, obnoxious clients, etc.

But the truth is you can’t eliminate these. No doubt you’ll face all three varieties this week, but you can keep them from stressing you out.

What’s the secret of managing your frustrations?

Don’t resist it, but don’t overreact or blow up. Don’t resent it; don’t internalize you anger. Don’t resign to it; don’t have a pity-party.

Instead, reduce it. Treat it as insignificant. Put the frustration into proper perspective. It’s just a minor setback, a part of living, no big deal! It’s certainly not worth a heart attack. Follow these rules for stress management:

RULE #1: Don’t sweat the small stuff.
RULE #2: Realize it’s all small stuff!

The Bible says, “A man’s wisdom gives him patience…”- Proverbs 19:11 NIV. The only way we can see all stuff as small stuff is to view it from God’s perspective. When I am in tune with God, I remember he has everything under control even though I don’t! So I don’t have to sweat it: “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” – Galatians 5:22-23 NIV.

Pray this prayer: “Lord, help me to be filled with your love, joy, and peace; so that when I’m squeezed and pressured it is your love, joy, and peace that spill out of me.”


Facing up to Bereavement


                           Rev. David Womersley



No 9  Happy Memories


Memories can be very comforting and are a great help in the healing process.  As time goes on, sad unhappy memories fade.  It is the happy ones that come to the fore and I have plenty of those 

There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that together you have spent most of your lives in the will of God. God’s call came to us both separately but we believe the Lord brought us together. That does not mean that it was always easy. There were times in Africa of frustration, fear, opposition and illness but oh, so many times of fulfilment and satisfaction. A big advantage of being in God’s work for a long time is seeing fruit that has remained.  It has been a thrill to come across those trained by us who today are in leadership and doing so well in the Lord’s service, many with thriving churches.  I saw a lot of this on a visit last year.

Then there are the leisure times.  We spent enjoyable holidays camped by a Congo stream, in the Lake District, bed and breakfasting in Cornwall, Wales, Norfolk and the Yorkshire Dales. Bronwen loved looking for and photographing wild flowers and butterflies.  Consequently our house is full of her paintings, most of exquisite Congo flowers. Memories indeed.

On our 40th Wedding Anniversary, we decided to splash out and booked a bus trip to beautiful Lake Garda. We spent five weeks in Australia, partly for ministry and partly visiting my sister and her family.  Once we were invited by friends to Slovenia – what a joy! Many of these events have been recorded in colourful albums of photos, menus, sketches etc. Her artistic flare make these striking permanent memories.   

It is now just two years since Bronwen died. As I placed some roses (from her bushes) on the grave, I suddenly began to cry.  I was surprised! Surely after two years that wouldn’t happen! But I let them flow and in a strange way it did me good.  If you have been recently bereaved, don’t try and stem emotions.  After all, Jesus wept.

I remembered the happy fulfilled life and thanked God for our almost 48 years together.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases  His mercies never come to an end:

They are new every morning…   Great is The faithfulness, O Lord….

That is what my son and I have put on the tombstone: “Great is Thy faithfulness”.  Isaiah 63:7 says: “I will mention the lovingkindnesses of the LORD and the praises of the LORD”.

In my bereavement, I have found such a lot of comfort in remembering the good times, in seeing God’s hand on our lives.  I have been helped by a number of close friends and a loving son. In this my last article of this series, may I suggest you too look back on your lives together and thank the Lord. You will find much comfort in that.  I hope I have helped you face up to the inevitable and be better prepared for it.


Just a Thought


                              The late Rev. A. Linford


“But the word of the Lord endureth forever” 1 Pet 1:25

Time exudes meaning but eludes definition. It is the warp on which is woven the web of life, the essence of being, the substance of existence.

It can be measured but not made, experienced but not excluded, passed but not recalled. Is it a creature or an illusion? Sometimes its leaden feet drag slowly along, each hour seemingly endless and heavy; again, it skips forward as days seem but frolicking minutes.

Time issues from eternity, for its source is God. It flows through life to a destiny determined by Him, to whom past, present and future is one everlasting NOW.

Time can be lost: it can be redeemed. He values time most who loads its presence with significance, who makes moments momentous. Time’s richest enjoyments are spent in the presence of God. Fellowship with Him gives time its ultimate accolade. All that time is intended to be, is realised in fellowship with the divine.


Divine Courage


                                       Rev. E. Anderson


READING   Joshua 1

TEXT          vv6,7,8


Difference:  This man was called to succeed Moses but he was not to be another Moses.  He had been greatly mentored and tutored by him yet he was not to ape him.  The Lord made him to be different and he had a different role for him to fulfil for Him at an important time.  Whilst he benefited enormously through the input and example of this very godly leader, he had not to act like him in manners or to function in the way he did.  He also required courage of a different kind because his circumstances would be utterly diverse to what had been encountered before.  The Lord knew that and that is why He sought to infuse him from the start with great promises and assurance.

Commitment:  His consecration never appears to be in question throughout his whole life and this contributed a great deal to the success of life and mission. He rendered to the Lord, Moses and the people of God an unswerving loyalty that ultimately brought the approval of the Lord and lasting rewards.  Courage was linked to this commitment and made him a rich possessor.  It is noted in a number of instances.



Soon after Israel’s deliverance from Egypt there came the conflict with the Amalekites and Joshua was the one called to lead Israel’s hosts.  It must have been quite a challenge to him yet he did not run away from it.  He must have realized that it was an opportunity to prove the Lord and his own spiritual metal.  Little did he know that this was preparation ground for something bigger later on. This is often the procedure of the Lord with His servants. 



He, along with Caleb, rejected the spirit and attitude of the other ten who were of a  fearful mind and spirit.  There was an attitude of defiance in him to the negativism and pessimism of his compatriots and God was pleased with this mind and heart set. It is stated of Joshua and Caleb that they were of ‘a different spirit.’ 


Taking over from Moses was enough to scare anyone off.  This man had seen all that Moses had accomplished and had to put up with and he could have readily backed off from such a divine appointment.  Moses looked an intimidating figure and had exercised so much authority in God and these factors could have made him refuse the position.



The Lord gave a list of the formidable powers that would be there to resist any attempt to take their territory.  They would not readily give in and up, so an enormous spirit would be required to see the whole project through.  It would not be an easy agenda as he had Israel to deal with as well.  There would be problems and difficulties in this task but he knew with God, all things were possible.  As far as he was concerned, God, His presence, promises and power were sufficient to bring about the downfall of all the opposition and make Israel the total possessors of the whole land. The story is one of courage and conquest. 


In coming to the end of his days, one does not find him in a weak, insipid state but was wide awake and as a strong as ever in spirit.  He was not for turning at the climax of his life.  With regard to himself and his household his mind was clearly made up: “We are going to serve the Lord.”  But he set the tone for the leadership and nation for years to come by his bold approach and created the spiritual climate for others to make the same kind of commitment.


Dave’s Snippets


                                      Dr. David Allen


On   various packets, cartons, and often prominently displayed on menus, are the words “May contain nuts”. Sadly, some who are allergic to peanuts, cashews and almonds and other nuts, which most of us enjoy, have become extremely ill and one or two have died.  A piquant and delicious curry, or a crisp salad, may conceal a fatal ingredient.

During two thousand years of Christian history, the Church has had more than its share of “nuts”. St Simeon Stylites spent many years living on the top of a sixty-foot pole in the Syrian desert;  St Antony of Egypt lived in a cave and, in order to “mortify his flesh”, every morning  jumped naked into a conveniently placed thornbush! Much later on, St Francis of Assisi, to show his utter dependence on God rather than his own father, stripped naked on the cathedral  steps!

The early Quaker, James Nayler, like Jesus on a donkey, entered into Bristol to the cries of “Hosanna” from his followers.  Poor Naylor was imprisoned, had his tongue bored through with an awl and the letter B branded, as a Blasphemer, on his forehead.

As Pentecostals, we have had some “nuts”. In the early days, to defend themselves from the Devil, some would exclaim the cry “Blood! Blood! Blood!” Forty years ago a pastor was removed from the ministry because he was trying to expel demons on and crushing the unfortunate sufferers! I knew of another who claimed that he exorcised himself every morning before shaving! It is well he did things in that order!

However, here a warning: It is sometimes said that madness and genius are only a “tad” between.  David Wilkerson was thought crazy when he left a comfortable pastorate to go and speak in court on behalf of members of a vicious gang in   New York City.  The exciting story of   Teen Challenge began with  a “nut” who gave his shoes to a penniless drug-addict.  God may demand something that seems madness; but His ways are very different from ours, and we must never  stifle and criticise creativity and some things which may at first seem crazy.

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Word Studies


                                   Rev. K. W. Munday


Word Studies is presented by Rev. K. W. Munday, retired minister and former General Secretary of Assemblies of God for many years. He has served the body of Christ with grace and distinction, is an excellent, quality preacher and speaker, broadcaster, writer of books and still active in Christian service. His contributions here on Word Studies should prove a great means of blessing, inspiration and instruction.


Science is the embodiment of information concerning the universe around to us, and it is the work of scientists to find out how things work what is the nature of material things, what laws are operating, what new discoveries can be made and what new inventions are possible. It is a very exciting subject.

Homo sapiens has always been a curious creature. Always seeking answers to our questions and thing to find how things ‘tick’. They sometimes take years to research their projects and history has shown some of the results. Radio, TV, Computers, Mobile phones and Jet aircraft etc. But that’s not the end of the story. Science has also devised guns and bombs which have brought so much death and misery. So, has science justified itself ? The answer is both yes and no, and the flaws are to be found in human nature rather than in science per se.

Unfortunately, even amoral inventions can be mis-used. The TV can bring information education and entertainment to millions, but at the flick of a switch it can pollute the minds of the viewers. Likewise a bus may carry a nurse on the way to her ministry of mercy at a hospital, while in the seat behind her could be a burglar or a terrorist.

We live in a wonderfully complex world which is forever revealing its secrets to the seeker. New methods are adopted, new laws discovered and new inventions constantly astound the public. Many of them have brought relief to stirrers, comfort to the weary and labour-saving devices to the busy house-wives.

But afore we get carried away with all the propaganda or start worshipping at the Shrine of Technology, we must not overlook another kind of knowledge or another kind of science.

The obvious and more popular one is concerned with the material world and stops short of the meta-physical entity, which means that there is another whole world waiting to be discovered . . . and enjoyed. It’s the spiritual world, and it calls for spiritual Columbus’s to do it. In the spiritual world, (and it’s invisibility does not detract from it’s existence) the key is not in the operation of a law or the application of a theory, but in a Person, and according to the book of Revelation He has the keys . . . . He is Jesus Christ and He opens up experiences that science cannot deal with. Forgiveness of sins, a clear conscience and peace of mind, not forgetting the settling of destiny.

His word to us is ”Seek and you will find” and His prayer for us all is that we might know Him (God) whom to KNOW IS LIFE ETERNAL! That’s what you could call real science!


Prayer Dynamics


                                   Rev. E. Anderson


Father, in these quiet moments we have caught a glimpse of Thy glory. Inspire us, our Father, to carry into the everydayness of our lives all to which we aspire at such a moment as this. May our faith have feet and hands, a voice and a heart, that it may minister to others, that the gospel we profess may shine in our faces and be seen in our lives.

May we return to face the grind of the monotonous and the humdrum routine of duty with a new vision. Wilt Thou transform for us our common tasks and glorify them with a new light, that we may this week apply ourselves to them with fidelity and devotion.

Bless the homemakers, the mothers, and the servants who minister in the home, who maintain the sanctuaries to which tired men return.

Bless that noble company in white, the doctors and nurses. May their ministrations interpret the love and the pity of God..

Bless the teachers, often unheralded and unappreciated.

Bless all who are responsible for our transportation, who move us across this lovely land; all who in silence, and sometimes in darkness, toil while others sleep, that we may enjoy life and enjoy it more abundantly.

May Thy blessing rest upon all men who minister to their fellows. May each of us in our daily round come to know the joy of partnership with Thee, our Father in Heaven. In the name of Him who came “not to be ministered unto but to minister,” we join these, our prayers. Amen.

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Wisdom’s Ways


Rev. A. Linford, before his decease, was recognized as a good, great and interesting Bible teacher in the Assemblies of God Fellowship for many years. He was a well-loved Bible College lecturer and writer that bequeathed a tremendous amount of Biblical material in his generation. What a legacy he has left to be researched and brought forth to refresh our day! We shall be using such on this site: His writings from the book of Proverbs and also his Editorials that he wrote for the Redemption Tidings when he was its editor. I trust you will enjoy and appreciate his inspired teaching.



”He is in the way of life that keeper instruction” – Proverbs 10:17

To instruct means to seek to establish a structure of living in the mind and experience of the pupil. Unhappily some instruct to destruct by implanting principles of anarchy and mistrust; but thank God for those who instruct to construct by laying down principles of justice and morality: for if the infra-structure of life is unsound the superstructure will be unsafe.

Discipline of learning: The term ‘instruction’ is a crucial word in Proverbs. The Hebrew term (musar) were better translated ‘discipline’, and implies the self-discipline that is part of the wise man’s constitution; he always has control of his impulses. Learning demands such discipline. The pupil becomes a slave of his tutor in order that he might win freedom from ignorance, error and bigotry. This involves discipline of temperament the learner ”brings under his body” – 1 Corinthians 9:27 subjecting what he wants to what he needs, in order that his better self may be released from its baser instincts. It involves discipline of time, so that opportunities may be given to acquiring knowledge and mental agility. It also involves discipline of talent so that by exercise the latent qualities of mind and morals may be developed and improved.

Discipline of life: But there is more to education than manipulation of facts, there is also the understanding of those ethical and spiritual qualities that add meaning and depth to experience. Self-ward it has the negative aspect of eschewing evil, and the positive aspect of espousing good. Man-ward it consists of displaying a good example of righteous living, exercising a wholesome influence on society, of contributing to humane projects, of co- operating with good people in noble endeavour to improve the lot of all. God-ward, it consists of piety in living according to God’s Word and worship, practical efforts to lead others to godly knowledge and living and propagating those grand and noble truths of the Gospel that help to make men ”wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” – 2 Timothy 3: 15. This calls for submission to the will of God and all that is implicit in the term ”discipleship”


Instruct me in Thy ways, O Lord, that my feet may tread safely.


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