Armour of God


                                        Valerie Balzan

This is a new series being presented by Valerie Balzan who is on the Leadership Team at Liveseed International Church, Qormi, Malta.  The Christian believer is called upon to wear the divine armour that the Lord has provided and know what each piece is for in the contest with Satan and the evil agencies under his control. There is a spiritual war on and every Christian soldier must be fully armed and trained for battle and experience supreme conquest




The Shield of Faith (Section B) “Get a Big Revelation of God”


Text:  Ephesians 6:10-18


Have you ever wondered how David had the courage to fight Goliath? David was not part of Israel’s army at the time but he was an observant young man. He had probably seen how confidence in their Commanding Officers steadied the Israeli soldiers and encouraged a fearless attitude. David was only a shepherd boy yet this very occupation had caused him to draw close to the Lord and in His presence he was able to have a wonderful intimate relationship with Him.


When you meditate on the Lord and on His Word often, it builds up a picture on the inside of you. In meditating on His greatness and grandeur causes us to get a bigger revelation of His power and might. It was because David had that revelation that he could put his whole confidence in the Lord. God enabled David to see what others could not see. Others looked at Goliath and said “How can I shoot at such a huge man?” David said “He is so huge, how can I miss!” So if you are going through some hard battles of life today, get into the secret place of His presence and begin to meditate on His power revealed through nature.


Read the great stories of how He delivered His people Israel and you will find that you will get such a revelation of His Omnipotence that you will be able to fight the good fight of faith with full confidence in your Commanding Officer in Heaven.


ow sometimes the fiery darts come in the form of oppression from evil spirits. Sometimes satan’s people pray against you through satanic power. Sometimes they are able to put curses upon you. The way to fight this is by first checking to see if you have in any way opened a door to the enemy. This can come about by having a bad disagreement with someone and failing to deal with it correctly. Sometimes it is caused by failing to walk in love. Sometimes you may be tempted to become selfish, critical, self-righteous or even hypocritical in you walk with the Lord. All these open a way by which the enemy, if you don’t shut that door as soon as you realise its open, can attack you. If this happens to you, then be quick to repent and make things right in the sight of God and with those you may have wronged or to whom you are holding an unforgiving attitude. Sometimes people, even Christian  people can pray soulish, controlling prayers and these can affect us.


However these oppressions come, we must rise up and lift up our shield of faith. The Bible says in Psalm 149:6, 7, “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hands to execute vengeance.” Let God hear your faith-filled praises and He will arise to your defence. Declare what Gods Word says about your situation, declare that He has promised never to fail you or forsake you. The Word of God has the power built into it to bring itself to pass and so as the Word goes out of your mouth there is a release of Holy Ghost power in the spirit world against your enemies.


Maybe you are a new believer and concerned that you don’t know enough of Gods Word to be able to declare it effectively over your situation. Take heart! Psalm 8:2 says “Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants, You have ordained strength, because of Your enemies, that You may silence the enemy and the avenger.” Now I know that verse says “strength” but Jesus actually helps us in the New Testament by interpreting those verses for us in Matthew 21:16 as “Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise.” So, if you are a babe in Christ, rise up and praise God for His great power to save and deliver you – and for you that will be enough till you know the Word better.


There are other types of fiery darts such as sin, temptation, wasting time, burn-out, stress, focusing on differences in the church, feeling sorry for yourself etc. How do cope with these? By being a person of “vision”. If you don’t have a vision/understanding of God’s calling on your life, ask Him to make it clear to you. Once you know what it is then hold of it and keep focused. That will stop you from becoming inward looking. If people in a church lack a clear vision then they will become inward looking and that will result in fighting and arguing and broken relationships.


Look up and out and become so passionate about your call that you have no time for petty attitudes. Make sure you walk in righteousness too. Avoid people who will cause you to get into sin and avoid going where sin is found. If the enemy comes near, be like Nehemiah who had his workers hold their work tool in one hand and a weapon in the other. When the enemies came by one time and asked him to come down and meet with them, Nehemiah said “I am doing a great work and I will not come down!” – Nehemiah 6:3.


Further study

Isaiah 43:5   Luke 12:7   Matthew 4:4   Acts 16:25   Romans 8:31   1 Samuel 17:45-47   Proverbs 29:18


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