Powerful Quotes


                                        Rev. L. Goodwin




Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them – Anonymous


I can always be distracted by love, eventually I get horny for my creativity – Gilda Radner


A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something – Frank Capra


One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time – Andre Gilde


Success is that old A B C – ability, breaks and courage – Charles Luckman


The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do – walter Bagehot


The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces – Anonymous



Dave’s Snippets


                                          Dr. David Allen



As a young lad I was not very typical: I didn’t want to drive a steam locomotive; I didn’t aspire to be a footballer; I wanted to be a monk!


Eventually my spiritual journey took me from Anglicanism, via Methodism, into the Pentecostal Movement. Under  the influence of my pastor, an Ulster man, and also through my reading, I  was steered  away from  monasticism and such things; and, as a pastor myself, I  became  quite  anti-Catholic. However later on, as I encountered Spirit-filled Catholics, and also furthered my studies, I returned to my early attraction to monasticism.


 Martin Luther, a former monk himself,   believed that Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) was the greatest monk of all.  A visit to the monastery of Cîteaux, in Burgundy, which gives us the name for the important Cistercian order, kindled my interest in Bernard. He saved that abbey from extinction and then went on to establish many others as places of prayer, meditation and the study of the Scriptures.


Though Bernard was a hard taskmaster and noted for great asceticism, he was admired by Luther for a number of reasons. He was devoted to the study of the Scriptures; his books and sermons contain over five thousand quotations from the Bible. He  opposed  heresy, particularly  that of Abelard, whom he felt  had  not  given  due emphasis  to the  substitutionary death of Christ and also had an erroneous view of the Trinity. In addition, Bernard   supported   the abbess Hildegard of Bingen , the “Sybil of the Rhine”,  a visionary   charismatic at a period when  the ministry  of women  was regarded as suspect.  His encouragement was crucial for Hildegard.


Bernard had his faults, but his love for Jesus shines out in a love- song. One of his best works is the long study of the Song of Songs. In prayer, under the figure of a love song, he urges us to pass from the garden to the house and, finally, to the Bridegroom’s chamber, though he fully admits he rarely attains it. The lovely hymn “Jesus, the very thought of thee” is usually attributed to him, though he probably added verses to an already existing hymn.  Surely Luther’s opinion of Bernard was quite right!



The Armour of God


                                       Valerie Balzan

This is a new series being presented by Valerie Balzan who is on the Leadership Team at Liveseed International Church, Qormi, Malta.  The Christian believer is called upon to wear the divine armour that the Lord has provided and know what each piece is for in the contest with Satan and the evil agencies under his control. There is a spiritual war on and every Christian soldier must be fully armed and trained for battle and experience supreme conquest




“A Praying Christian is a Powerful Christian!”


Text: Ephesians 6:10-18


From ancient times down to today communication has been an extremely important factor when engaging in warfare. Although in olden days there were no electronic devices to help facilitate communication, they used trumpets and banners etc as well as waving signals to their officers who would then shout the fresh directions to the regiment under their authority. For Christians who are involved in spiritual warfare that is a picture of prayer.


Prayer is a two-way communication between God and us– or it should be! Unfortunately for many believers prayer is a one-sided affair in which we do all the talking! Yet God is our Father who loves us and wishes to speak with us. How sad to present out petitions to Him and then rush off without waiting to see if He will reply. Maybe you are one of the people who has sincerely tried to listen to God but has felt that since you were not aware of His voice that that means He just didn’t speak back to you. I do not think that God is rude nor do I think that He is unwilling to speak. Maybe we should try to perceive how He speaks to us and perhaps that means that He doesn’t always use words.


Sometimes it is also possible because of our lack of discipline, or our lack of being sensitive to Him that we miss His voice. I have often experienced a sense of God’s presence during prayer, yet not been aware of any inner voice speaking to me. Then, later on in the day, suddenly I seem to know the answer to something I had asked Him. It’s rather like recording from one tape to another. If you want to you can turn down the sound and then later on turn it up to hear the recording when you are more relaxed or in a better position to concentrate on it. God knows us so well and knows our personalities and He will speak to us when it is most beneficial to us. Like receiving all other graces we need to have an attitude of trust


Verse 17 begins with the words “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.” That does not mean that we are to be speaking to God every moment but that our hearts are consciously lifted up to God when we awake so that at any given moment the Holy Spirit can prompt us to pray. We can ask Him to so quicken us that we respond swiftly to His promptings. Many Christians have asked the Lord to awaken them when necessary at night, in order to pray into some critical situation. How blessed we are when that has happened and then maybe later on we hear a testimony about some believer being rescued out of great danger just at the very hour we had prayed.


In part eleven of this series on spiritual armour we considered the great importance of perseverance. This is true in prayer. Both Jesus and the apostle Paul spoke about the importance of pleading and persevering in prayer. The best example of that is when Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” – Matthew 7:7. In the original Greek it reads “Keep on asking………..keep on seeking……….keep on knocking.” It’s written in the present continuous tense. In some situations you need only ask once but in more serious ones you may have to keep pressing into God. In difficult situations you may find that you have to supplicate as mentioned in our main text. Supplication is strong prayer and it’s for urgent needs.


As good soldiers train themselves in warfare so that they are daily ready for whatever circumstances they may find themselves in. So Christians should be daily prayed up and hence ready for the trials and challenges of daily living. Yet so many find that a difficulty. They are able to speak to God while driving their cars and chat to Him at various moments throughout the day. Yet they seem unable to find time to be quiet before Him and enter into that deep worship and sense of His presence which is so necessary in order to grow strong in Him and which does us such good. It’s all a matter of neglecting certain tasks until that time of prayer has taken place.


We need to ask God for the grace of discipline so that planning our prayer/quiet time with Him is our first priority of the day. Intimacy with us is what the Lord longs for. It helps us to pursue holiness as it’s very difficult to be intimate with Jesus when there is sin in our hearts. It is a wonderful way to experience His peace and receive emotional, spiritual and physical healing. It definitely strengthens us so that we are powerful in battle. And remember that quantity is less important than quality! Sometimes we can be more blessed after ten minutes of prayer than after one hour. But not always, of course.


Further study

Matthew 6:6   Luke 18:1-8    John 15:15   John 10:27, 28   Psalm 5:1-3   Song of Solomon 2:14   Phil 4:6-8



Into the Land of Promise – studies from the book of Joshua


                                    Rev. E. Anderson

The book of Joshua is a good bible book for Christians to study for it gives illustration of, we, too, like Israel should learn to possess their inheritance that God has promised in Christ. There are lessons to learn for all. May you discovered much from the following notes.








WORTHY INHERITORS: This chapter focuses attention on two tribes, Manasseh and Ephraim, the two descendants of Joseph. He had proved in his time to a tremendously blessed man who learned, in spite of major difficulties, to become a genuine possessor through Jehovah. Jacob, in prophecy spoke well of him and his offspring forecasting a fantastic future – Genesis 49. The offspring were to reflect and project in style the spirit and attitude of their famous ancestor. He had left a wonderful legacy for them to emulate and here in this record there are tokens of their going for that which belonged them through Jehovah.


PRESENT EXAMPLE: In Joshua their leader they had an up-to-date example of a person that knew what it was all about. He had led them into the land and was responsible in God to its fair distribution. He was of their lineage, being of the tribe of Ephraim. He was the one who had the legitimate right to sort out any problems and give them the right lead to their inheritance.


VITAL CHARACTERISTICS: There are at least five things of note made manifest in the narrative that deals with possessing their inheritance. All are worthy of note and reproduction. It shows them seeing things in right perspective and entertaining those qualities that ensure progress and success. There was no settling down to a sub-standard factor but a choice inspiration and incentive to have that which they were entitled to through their God.




Unfortunately Zelophead had no sons but he did have five choice daughters. This seem to present a major difficulty with regard to possession land. Possession on this score was rightly left and bestowed on the sons. It was the procedure of the times that the real heirs were the sons. So this man had a genuine problem that required sorting out. From the context he was not prepared to allow this thing rule his situation.


He could well have been stirred and spurred by the five women plus his wife. He was certainly outnumbered in the home and the pressure was on him to do something about what looked a travesty of law and justice.


It is further noticeable that the five daughter’s names all finished up with ‘ah’’ Their names bore a identification with the Lord – ‘Jehovah.’ That is a significant factor and would suggest he was a man with godly bent and commitment. The Lord had influence upon his life and home. Somehow he sensed that right was on his side and so expressed a will to get his portion for these choice females.  And he succeeded! It is a case of not giving up.




The tribe of Manasseh also faced a difficulty at the outset because they had not the personnel to effect total mastery over the Canaanites. They had a very large tract of territory to lay hold of and they were not in a position at the start to fully effect the utter routing of their foes. It looks as if they commence from a weak point but they did not settle for that and allow themselves to be influenced negatively. It states “when the children of Israel were waxen strong.” An honest and earnest mind –set prevailed that they would not rest until they had secured a greater advantage. It was imperative that they develop mental, spiritual, moral and natural strength so that this problematic factor would be resolved. They must not become victims in the ensuing days.


3/. DESIRING MORE – vv14-16


The children of Joseph showed no complacency at this time of distribution. Although a great deal of territory had been allocated to them they were not contented. There was a wholesome dissatisfaction abroad in their beings because they wanted much more. There was no prevalent wish to settle for less when they were capable through God of a much larger lot.


There was some evident realization of who they were in and through God and the blessing of the Lord that had been much in evidence in their history and experience. A mindfulness was existent that affirmed the truth that they were not a mean, despicable company but rich tokens of God’s favour had been their delight and so why should not this proceed on a greater, bigger front at this time ? The reasoning and the desiring was absolutely right.


Joshua had no desire to pour cold water on this and frustrate but must have welcomed this kind of expression and exercise. It was worth nurturing. encouraging and expanding.




Joshua does not minimize but seeks to maximize on what is taking place amongst those who are close to him of tribal relationship. Near at home he wants to see total development  in every way and so as the leader affirms that this thing is not beyond their capacity or capabilities. He makes a threefold declaration in v17:  First, ‘you are a great people’ – keep in mind before you your outstanding position in and through God. Do not pace any limits on God or yourselves. True and real greatness is discovered in and through an approximate relationship with Jehovah. Secondly, ‘and you have great power.’ Greatness not only in name  but in the matter of able to do and perform. The strength to accomplish is theirs. Thirdly, ‘you shall not have one lot only.’ The prophecy and promise is of untold expansion and growth. The potential will be released and be seen in possessing a vast territory.




The final factor is that they will be in a situation where they will be victors and masters in every way. The impossible and the formidable will be overcome and they will have their mind’s vision and heart’s desire. The impossible mountainous terrain will be subdued by them. All the forest of trees etc., will be effectively dealt with and made to serve their interests and growth. Further, the enemy, with their chariots of iron though strong will be overcome. The children of Joseph will stand tall and strong at the end of the day.




These are the things that call for expression and domination within the ranks of Christendom. They are all worthy and noble qualities that make God’s people what they should be and enable them to accomplish all that the Lord wills. When such is in evidence there will be the manifestation of divine potential and success on a large scale.



Word Studies


                                   Rev. K. W. Munday



Word Studies is presented by Rev. K. W. Munday, retired minister and former General Secretary of Assemblies of God for many years. He has served the body of Christ with grace and distinction, is an excellent, quality preacher and speaker, broadcaster, writer of books and still active in Christian service. His contributions here on Word Studies should prove a great means of blessing, inspiration and instruction.




This relates to a state of mental and physical soundness and well-being. To obtain it and maintain it is almost a life-long exercise.

The papers carry a multitude of adverts to help us, covering a range of products from ointments, diet regimes, tablets pills and drinks etc. It’s a pretty crowded market. The NHS is of course the next resource to our DIY sports, and the demands upon it are so tremendous, it is possibly the largest industry in the nation, as it seeks to dispense treatments free at the point of need, although it doesn’t always work out that way in practice.


It is noted that one of the things worrying the Government is the increasing condition of obesity, which is rather ironical when possibly two-thirds of the world suffer from mal-nutrition and even starvation. The complaint may be caused by some underlying medical reason, but it is generally conceded that for the majority, with more sensible eating and exercise it could be remedied.


In recent years attention has been given to the type of food we eat with the calory and nutrition values clearly shown on the packaging. This has educated and alerted people to sensible living. Those whose jobs involve sedentary positions as in dices or driving vehicles, or those who spend too much time in front of the TV (couch potatoes) have also been warned. ill-health is not only a concern for the individual or the family but also for industry as millions of man-hours are lost through absence.


In the Old Testament the Israelis were governed by theocratic Law (the Law of God), and that not only included spiritual and moral regulations but also the social judicial and even the dietary ones as well. God was obviously concerned about their health!


But health is not just about our physical well-being, it concerns other areas of life too. Being soundness it sometimes refers to finance. We hear of companies being in an healthy or an unhealthy financial state, and owing to the credit crunch the business world has suffered from a fiscal sickness, and only a few can still report as being in a healthy condition.


Those who are acquainted with the Anglican Book of Common prayer will know that the word health is used regarding one’s spiritual state. In the general confession used during Evening prayer, the penitent regrets ”doing those things he ought not to have done, and leaving undone the things he should have done” adding.. “there is no health in us”. He finds himself suffering from a form of spiritual sickness or weakness, but under DEUS MISERATUR he pleads for God’s mercy and asks for a Divine prescription, ”That Thy saving health may be made known among the nations” To all those who have sincerely done that we can all say (even without raising a glass) GOOD HEALTH!



Prayer Dynamics


                                          Rev. E. Anderson


Prayers by Rev. Peter Marshall


THERE are loved ones today, O Lord, for whom we pray, and the prayers are even now being whispered before the throne of grace. We ask for Thy help without any hesitation, knowing that Thou art disposed to give even before we ask.


We thank Thee for askings that have been received, and prayers that have been answered. We are so glad that by Thy grace and mercy broken bones have been mended, weak and struggling hearts have been made strong. We thank Thee that pain has been removed; the sick have so often been made well.


Hear us as we pray now for some who need stronger hearts. Thou art the great Doctor who can do it. Wilt Thou strengthen the hearts of them whom we name even now?


We pray for some who are sick of tuberculosis, and while human skill can do this and that, and say wait and rest: we know that Thy skill alone can heal lungs. Hear us as we pray for that.


And we think of some whose eyes need to see. Lord Jesus, Thou hast not forgotten how to do that! Hear us as we pray for these miracles today.


And now grant to us that spiritual perception and faith that, having asked, reaches out to accept Thy good gifts. Help us to keep our eyes on Thee, and not on symptoms. And grant, in Thine own time and Thine own way a complete return to that health and strength which is Thy .perfect will for Thy children. In Thy strength, who art the same, yesterday, today, and forever, we pray. Amen.


Meet the Christian Ministers


A NEW CHURCH DEVELOPMENT   Rev. and Mrs. David Taylor


2 years ago our fellowship was given Isaiah 54:2 “extend your tent pegs”, we thought the Lord was saying extend the building we were in, but He had other plans. Another door opened with a local Christian business man who suggested we should buy a redundant church.


No surprise, the same day we heard  the church down the road was having a public meeting about being made redundant.


No coincidence (God instance) could this be “extend your tent pegs” time? In that meeting we asked, would they consider another fellowship taking over should it be made redundant?

Soon after, we sold our building in faith for the price we asked for and moved in with the Ind. Methodists up the road.


The time came to offer a price for a 700 seat Grade 2 listed building called the “Pitman’s Cathedral”. The Church Council met and after a time of prayer we had a peace on our hearts, the Lord gave us a figure of £5,000, this was accepted.


The Lord spoke to us through Haggai 2:1 We received the keys to the new church on the 21st day of the 7th month (Oct.17th 2008), we also believe He has the silver and gold, the later glory will be greater than the former glory and many people will find the peace of God in that place.


The building work has taken nearly 3 months  and  soon we will be a church in the Community for the community to serve the community. The silver and gold is running out but the Lord’s resources are unlimited. The community interest is unbelievable.


As a church we want to serve the purposes of God where He has placed us. He has given us an amazing vision for the future.




                                     Church being redeveloped

Christian Advancement


                              Rev. E. Anderson





The priesthood was initiated by God so as to function on the part of the people with respect to himself. One of the main truths was that of giving offerings to and before the Lord so that a meaningful relationship be constantly sustained from which so much good ensued. Whatever they did on this line was not simply to be merely legalistic and ritualistic but possess a spiritual and dynamic significance that affected the bond of oneness with Himself and from which everything flowed. It was a provision that could be answered by all, for rich and poor so that none were left out. There were a variety of sacrifices to be made dealing with a number of aspects.




This was the first mentioned and denoted a great attitude to God and life. It meant the utter self-giving and must have satisfied and gratified the heart of God as He saw it purely in evidence. Here was a people wanting to fully surrender themselves to Him and be wholly consumed by Him for Him – “Take my life and let it be.”




The grain had to be ground to fine flour or baked but it had to be free from all lumps and be pure white and free from yeast that symbolised evil. It was the Lord feasting with them and blessed with this provision.




In this sacrifice there was an implicit declaration from the spirit and heart affirming this truth: “I love you and this accord and I desire above all its continuance and its increase.”




How it was essential that nothing interfere with the divine fellowship so that all would move pleasantly ahead into more meaningful experiences. But there was the fact of human transgression and sin. God made it possible for evil to be attended to by means of these offerings. It could be put out of sight and memory so there would be no impairing of relationship.




It can be seen above all, it was not a senseless procedure. They were to be a distinct people of sacrifice. The air would be filled with the fragrance of these offerings with satisfied God and brought mind the truth of divine accord.



Christian Testimonies


                                        Michael Jardine



Former heroin addict Michael Jardine hasn’t touched heroin since attending an AoG church more than three years ago. He spoke to Joy about his life-changing encounter


MICHAEL JARDINE HAS TO PINCH himself when he thinks of where he was three years ago. Spending up to free per day on heroin, the Scotsman was hooked on most drugs – which had resulted in crime and about five prison sentences. He couldn’t hold down a job and wasn’t even speaking to his parents.


But his fortunes were about to change, as one day he attended an evangelistic event at the Assemblies of God church in Fraserburgh, North East Scotland, in February 2006.


AoG evangelist Barry Woodward, himself a converted addict, was the guest speaker. Michael recalls, ‘I had been to the outreach cafe in the town that the AoG church was involved in.It was then I saw a flyer for this Barry Woodward event, and something inside me just told me I had to be there.

I wasted no time and made sure I was there. That day was tough for me because I couldn’t get my hands on any drugs and I was rattling. But I did my best to listen to what Barry was saying.


He was testifying of how he had encountered God and I began to think, ‘lf God can do this for Barry, then why can’t he do it for me?’ Michael then gave his life to Christ asked Barry to pray for the power of God to touch him. Moments later, a nine-year old addiction to heroin, which had left Michael in prison and at times homeless, was broken as the power and peace of God overwhelmed his heart.


‘I was very skeptical but thought I needed to give it a go. I knew I needed something powerful to change my life,’ he says. ‘When I made the decision to follow Jesus I got into a place where I truly believed. All the pain disappeared and a peace came over me. That day changed my life and I have never looked back since’.


Michael, 30, joined Christian Rehab Centre Teen Challenge, and started to share his testimony with others.


He now lives in Wales, is free from drugs, and is holding down a job working among disabled adults at a residential centre. Meanwhile, his relationship with his parents has been restored.


He urges anyone battling drugs to give in to God, and believes the Lord can turn their lives around.


He adds, ‘I just can’t believe what God has done for me! My life has truly been transformed’.


 ‘I would say to anyone who is battling drugs that although their life might seem in total darkness, there is hope in Jesus Christ. If you truly want freedom, then believe in God. Through him all things are possible’.


Evangelist Barry said, ‘Michael’s story is great. The transformation in his life is clear for everybody to see. He came to the event, gave his life to  Christ on the Friday night, and then the following night God touched him in a massive way. This is God at work in the 2lst century in the UK’.



Wisdom’s Ways provided by the late Rev. A. Linford


Rev. A. Linford, before his decease, was recognized as a good, great and interesting Bible teacher in the Assemblies of God Fellowship for many years. He was a well-loved Bible College lecturer and writer that bequeathed a tremendous amount of Biblical material in his generation. What a legacy he has left to be researched and brought forth to refresh our day! We shall be using such on this site: His writings from the book of Proverbs and also his Editorials that he wrote for the Redemption Tidings when he was its editor. I trust you will enjoy and appreciate his inspired teaching.




“Rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee” – Proverbs 9:7-9


Of all the seven fools of Solomon the scorner is the most irritating and the least improvable. Attempts to correct him result in insult, for he is consciously and willfully perverse; he knows good, but prefers evil. His perversity excludes him from wisdom’s banquet. He is outside the pale of godly benefits because he himself has erected a baneful barrier to good.


The wicked scorner: A scorner not only turns up his nose at wisdom’s appeal, he also scoffs at the very approach of instruction. As Moffatt translated, “He who corrects a scorner only gets insulted”. The ‘scorner’ and the ‘wicked man’, according to the rules of Hebrew parallelism are the same person. Not only does he deny wisdom’s way, he positively defies it. To attempt to teach such is, in our Lord’s words, to “give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine” – Matthew 7: 6; they completely ignore holy and helpful truths, and even bite the hand extended to them. A scorner hates reproof; his pride cannot accept his need of instruction nor his arrogance allow the thought of correction. A scorner also detests the one who seeks to admonish him, venting his spleen on the very ones who seek his good. This master of vicious repartee will blot his would instructor with vilification and insult.


The wise scholar: What a contrast! A wise man will love his admonisher, discerning the teacher’s concern and embracing his correction. Wisdom accepts reproof, and grows wiser. A fool hangs himself with the some rope that hauls wise men to safety. A wise man is also a just man: he accords to his tutor a fair hearing, a full consideration and a free expression. He is ever ready to accept Paul’s advice to Timothy: “Consider what I say, and the Lord give t.11e,e understanding in all things” – 2 Timothy 2:7. This is all that a wise tutor expects, this is the least a wise pupil extends. An open mouth, a ready ear; what a combination! Here is wisdom’s increase and learning’s advance. There is no horizon to truth, it is as infinite as God Himself, but the humble and diligent student will expand more and more in his appreciation and appropriation of its many facets and multitudinous facts. To worship at the shrine of truth is to grow in the knowledge of God.




My heart pants for Thy truth, O Lord, enrich my soul today.


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