Healing Testimony


                                     Suzette Hattinghe

South African evangelist Suzette Hattingh explains some key elements of the healing ministry of Christ





As Christians, we must remember that healing is a lifestyle. It should be as natural as breathing and worship. It is not just about a healing line in an evangelistic meeting or a word of knowledge, but rather the Spirit of God being upon us to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free.


I find that most people don’t mind if you pray for them when they are sick. But we don’t have to shake and prove that we are so spiritual; rather, we need to be natural and watch God bless us. Christ is in us and Christ is the one who heals. Healing is part of Christ’s character. Christ is the source of the miraculous, the author of the miraculous. In fact, he is the miraculous!


When it comes to healing, we can never box in and predict what is going to happen. Healing is not a denominational issue, but it’s the character of Jesus Christ, It’s not about how or what God is doing, it’s about who God is.


God uses many different ways to heal people. I have realised that I must totally trust the Holy Spirit and trust in God, Let God do what God wants to do. We can do a lot in our charismatic ways and bright personalities, but one thing we can’t do is bring supernatural healing.


Words of knowledge are spoken out, and of course I’ve made mistakes. I’ve offended and hurt people. I am not the healer. Only God can do what God is supposed to do. He needs the combination of us acting and him healing. God will work with us.


Then, it’s imperative to be real, and not judge those who aren’t healed. We don’t have to walk around saying pain is gone when it isn’t. You can admit pain is not gone and still say you believe Jesus will heal you. What’s wrong with that? Jesus said we only need faith like a mustard seed. You can’t even see that faith. Our faith doesn’t have to be big, because God can work with such little faith. God has put faith in every one of us.


Remember, healing is our inheritance. I am convinced that the lost get healed by grace but the people of God are healed by covenant, We belong in healing and it is our inheritance to be healed. It’s time for Christians to arise and take backseat belongs to us. The God of Pentecost lives inside us and works with us. We are covenant children. God is inside you! He’s there when you feel him and he’s there when you don’t. You can’t shake off the Holy Spirit; he’s inside you!


Healing is our inheritance – Jesus paid for it! When he declared ‘It is finished’ he meant it.

Why down put up with the spirit of infirmity when the God of creation has already sealed it?


Healing is not always physical. I’ve often realised that God wants not only to heal our physical conditions, but also our body, mind and spirit. The healing power of Jesus Christ is about wholeness.


He wants to heal your marriage, family, church and land. God never told us that we would be perfect, but the Bible does say that he makes us whole. Healing is what God had planned for us. Wherever there is damage in your life, whether emotional or sexual abuse, whether pain in your marriage or pain from your past, God is longing to come and restore and heal that situation.


Finally, healing isn’t always instant. Very often, healing can be a process. Sometimes Jesus heals instantly, like the woman with the issue of blood, but sometimes it’s a process – like the lepers who were on their way. I am a living testimony, as I was sexually abused as a child and grew up with these wounds. I became a child of God but still no one explained how to get away from this hurt.


I was a preacher and a missionary seeing signs and wonders, but nobody saw that my soul was wounded. When I came to Jesus, I did not understand that Jesus was the healer who wants us to be restored. My situation took time to heal, but now I area totally free, for whom the Son sets free is flee indeed!



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