Messages of the Moment


                             Rev. Rodney Howard Browne



Rodney Howard Browne urges us to break away from human traditions and focus instead on the power of God’s grace to set us free



WHEN YOU LOOK at Jesus ministry, you’ll see one thing that sticks out. Everywhere he went, he went head to head with religion and tradition.


The closer we get to Jesus, the more we’re going to come head to head with these things too. When it happens, we have a tendency to back off, to follow the path of least resistance. We don’t want to rock the boat. Well, most of us don’t! I go into churches and the pastors say they want me to have a revival, but they also say, (Rodney, please don’t rock the boat – it’: taken us 14 years to build this dinghy!’ And l tell them ‘Oh, l didn’t come to rock the boat. l came to turn the stupid thing over.’


The Bible tells us that Jesus was without sin (Hebrews 4:15), and that Jesus fulfilled the whole law while he walked the earth – Luke 24:44. But when the Pharisees saw Jesus and the disciples picking grain on the Sabbath, they considered that to be work. Religious people extend the ‘letter’ of the law and have no understanding of the ‘spirit of the law.


Religion and tradition| will kill you, like a python wrapping its coils around its prey, slowly squeezing the life out of it. Religion and tradition will rob you of your joy, your freedom, and the joy of your salvation. You may have been on fire for God once, but it’s slowly waned until there’s nothing but a shell left.


Look at Christians who have been pulled into a religious attitude 10 or 15 years after salvation. They’ve been abused and bullied through the system, and then discarded like empty shells on the highway of life. That’s not why Jesus came! Jesus came to set us free, to give us life, to give us life more abundantly!


Am l against tradition? No. There are traditions based on the word of God – such as the laying on of hands, casting out devils, speaking in tongues, and worshipping and praising God – and we should hold on to them. But we should continue them with substance, with our whole heart. There are also bad traditions, the traditions of men. You must shake yourself loose from these traditions every day. l know what God had to do in my life to let Jesus, the tradition-breaker, break me free from religious tradition.


The closer you get to Jesus, and the more time you spend in the gospels, the more you will find something rising up inside you that is contrary to what people say. When someone tells you, that ‘It cannot be done this way’, you will say, ‘It can be done this way, because all things are possible with God!’ You can’t have the traditions of the elders and the commandments of God; the two are diametrically opposed. You can’t haven a staid, traditional religious church and the power of God at the same time: ‘All right, folks, today we have a diluted version of God and his power. After the service, if you seek God in a deeper way, you can go in the back room where we have him hidden away.’


Revival’s not a meeting, it’s a way of life. You live it, eat it, sleep it, walk it, talk it and pray it. I was raised in a godly home but we were part of a traditional church – If it weren’t for God’s grace, I’d be in the traditional church. But Jesus came and me free. Let him set you free too!




News and Views





A FOOTBALLER renowned for openly declaring his faith has stunned the sport by rejecting a historic £100m deal.


Devout Christian Kaka has been dubbed ’the man money couldn’t buy’, after turning down the biggest signing fee in sport history.


And sources close to the AC Milan striker suggest that it is because the Brazial-born star isn’t driven by cash – but the love of God.


It was claimed he would rake in £500,000 – a – week if he were to leave AC Milan to play in the Premiership. But while many would have been tempted by this historical offer, born-again Christian Kaka, real-name Ricardo Izecson do Sant Leite, wasn’t.


Kaka is certain to have prayed about the inquiry from Manchester City, which has become the richest club after a takeover last year.


The 26-year old hasn’t said much regarding the speculation, but he did tell reporters: “Not even for 30 seconds did I think about going to Manchester City.


“All the messages coming my way said to choose with my heart. And in the end, that’s what the choice was. It was absolutely not economical. Through this, I have understood how people love me in Milan”.


The move has dominated national papers with the Daily Mirror reporting: “Jesus, rather than money is Kaka’s God”.


Kaka grew up a devout Christian, and has regularly said how much he prays to God and reads the Bible.


He remained a virgin until his wedding in 2006, and is known for his ‘I belong to Jesus’ t-shirt which he sometimes wears underneath his Milan shirt.






BRAZILIAN football superstar and FIFA world player of the year, Kaka, will tell his home country of the love of God in a major television campaign.


The Milan ace is sharing his testimony of his faith in Jesus Christ as part of an outreach in conjunction with the Billy Graham Association. The programmes will be shown during prime-time hours.


‘My Hope Brazil’ is inspired by Matthew 9, in which tax-collectors and sinners gather at Matthew’s house to have dinner with Jesus.


The “Matthews” are Christians who will invite friends and relatives to their homes to watch the special broadcasts before sharing their personal testimonies of God’s love. They will also invite those present to accept or rededicate their lives to Jesus.


More than 48,000 churches 850,000 homes across Brazil, the largest country in South America, have received resources and training to take part in the massive campaign.


“My Hope Brazil is one the most exciting projects BGEA has had the privilege of facilitating,” said Bill Connard, vice president of international ministries at BGEA.


“The churches in Brazil have put an enormous amount of time and energy into reaching their loved ones with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”



Illustrations that Light Up


                                             Rev. E. Anderson



Dr. W. Graham Scroggie narrated the following incident. A minister with a pastoral heart was once visiting a poor elderly sister who was a member of his congregation. Before praying with her prior to leaving, he sympathized with her in her troubles and struggles to keep body and soul together, concluding with the words: ‘Never mind, my dear sister, you will receive your crown by and by, ’having in mind , no doubt the promise: “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to those that love Him’. ‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘I know that, but I could do with the half-crown now’.




Gipsy Rodney Smith, preaching at Dallas, Texas, had a petition from coloured ministers asking for a meeting exclusively for negroes. They came in thousands. There was a good deal of punctuating of his address with ‘Hallelujahs’ and ‘Amens’.


Suddenly an aged coloured woman called out, Gipsy Smith, may l ask a question? Looking at her, he said, ‘certainly, my sister, what is it?’ ‘What colour are we going to be when we get to Heaven? Shall be white or black’?’ Everybody was writing breathlessly for the answer. My dear sister, we are going to be just like Christ’ replied Gipsy Smith. And ‘Amen’ rang out all over the hall