Leadership Factors


                                        Rev. E. Anderson


A Necessary Step

on the Road to Excellence  – Luke 14: 28 -32

From John Maxwell’s Leadership Bible


Labeling someone competent or incompetent may seem judgmental and narrow, yet all leaders must possess a level of competence that enables them to get the job done. The kingdom of God cannot do without competence.


Everyone knows that leaders must demonstrate a level of competence in order to gain the trust and respect of followers. No one chooses to follow an incompetent leader over a competent one, regardless of personality. Friendship is not synonymous with leadership; people can like you as a friend but not follow you as a leader. To the degree they feel you are incompetent to lead, they will distance themselves from your leadership.


Competence goes beyond words. It’s the leader’s ability to say it, plan it, and do it in such a way that others know your business-and know that they want to follow you.  Competence must be sought at every organizational level. Incompetence can be tolerated nowhere, John Gardner once wrote, “The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water”.


Jesus highlights the issue of competence in the two stories recounted in Luke 14. In both stories, what is missing is competence. The builder and the king in these stories lacked what it took to get the job done. Therefore the tower never got built and the war never was won. According to Jesus, competence requires three ingredients:


1. Commitment

Jesus said our commitment to Him must look like disdain for everyone else. We must pick up our cross and follow Him.


2. Resources

Jesus spoke about a builder calculating whether he had enough to finish a tower. Determine whether your resources, gifts, talents, and abilities are available to do the job.


3. Intelligence

Jesus spoke about a king seeking counsel to know whether he should go to battle. Part of competence is the insight to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

The combination of these three components spells not only competence, but excellence. It’s what makes people follow a leader. So-in what area are you most competent? Where do you excel? What makes others follow you?


Contemporary Considerations


                                           Rev. John Andrews



‘A strong mind begins with a fit body.’  That’s one of the slogans on the wall of the gym which I attend.  At a quick glance it seems harmless enough, but under closer analysis, this little ‘motivational’ statement, is total nonsense.  Regardless of the fact that it is potentially offensive to anyone whose body, for whatever reason doesn’t work right (sorry Steven Hawkins), it has subtly turned the flow of life on its head.  This maxim teaches us that life and health flows from the outside in… but is that true?


On writing to a friend, John prayed this prayer;

“I pray that you may prosper and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2)


John’s prayer for his friend Gaius did not just reveal a desire to see him prosper in all areas of life and health, but was more importantly the positive affirmation that Gaius had a prosperous soul.  Gaius’ soul-style was so good, that John prayed that his life-style followed suit. 


John is teaching the 21st Century a massive lesson.  Life and health flows from the inside out!  If you are healthy on the inside, then life on the outside will take on a completely different outlook.  A healthy body is good, the Bible encourages it, but let’s be clear on one life-changing truth… a healthy soul is better!


The Bible places soul-prosperity at the top of our ‘to-do’ list.  God is so serious about the well-being of our soul that He has given gifts and helps so that we may ‘succeed on the journey.’  The health of the soul must not be treated lightly or left to work itself out.  This is something every leader and follower of Jesus must intentionally engage in if we are to experience the reality of consistent success in our lives.

The slogan on the wall should read;

‘A great life-style begins with a strong soul-style.’


Our society like never before has become obsessed with the superficial.  How we look and what we wear have become more important than who we are.  Programmes dominate the media informing us of the latest must have fashions, the best look on the High Street and the body everyone must have.  Could our superficially driven society learn something from the simplicity of John’s ancient words?  Is it possible that the Bible has something to teach a generation obsessed with the cult of celebrity? 


Soul-style is pre-occupied with manners not muscles, with faithfulness not our figure and with character, not charisma.  It is not wrong to have any of these things, as long as we understand, life comes from the inside… not the outside.  The outside of our lives should reflect the glory, life and health of what is happening on the inside.  If we give as much attention to ‘grooming’ the inside as we do to the outside, we will be strong and dynamic people indeed.  God wants us as leaders to have good health and prosper in ‘every’ area of our life, not at the expense of our soul… but because of it.  As leaders we need to model the way of the Kingdom to our followers that ‘a great life-style begins with a strong soul-style.


Christian Testimony


                       Mark Skidmore and wife



A BUILDER has been left counting his blessings – because God helped clear £27,000 of debt.


Mark Skidmore said his financial problems were solved when he turned to his faith after racking up the amount over a 20-year period. And the 42-year old from Swansea said the pay-off was an answer to prayer.


Hit by the sudden slump in the building trade, Mr. Skidmore said the transformation came after joining LifePoint Church, which meets in a local school every Sunday.


Instead of hiding from the vast sums he owed, he was advised by the leaders of the church to face his debts head on and apply Christian principles to his problems.


“I trust in God to take me through any situation,” he said. “He helped me to face up to the fact that I owed this money. I just thought, I’ll pay back what I can afford and He’ll do the rest. I started paying what little I could through standing orders. I was working hard, and made some new contacts at the church.




“I knew I had many years ahead of me to pay it back, but my attitude was right.”


After a couple of months Mr. Skidmore said the debtors began to view him in a different light and one by one they contacted him offering to cut his debts by up to 60 and 70 per cent in each case.


The fees owed were reduced from £27,000 to just £1,000 in six months.


“I was over the moon,” said Mr. Skidmore.


LifePoint has been offering confidential debt counselling to individuals for many years through the national charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP).


Church leader, Hugh Griffiths said: “The current financial crunch seems to be affecting everyone in one way or another. Whether it is pressure in the workplace, rising bills of money worries, it is presenting a real challenge to many families and individuals.”


Elder of LifePoint Church, Mike Sutton-Smith added: “We want to be a church that speaks about the real pressures people have to face in their daily lives.


“God’s principles work and can help when people apply them to their everyday lives like Mark did.”