Meet the Christian Ministers


                      Rev. & Mrs. Chris Day


I came to the Lord at the age of 19 while serving in the RAF in Aden.


Six months later I came home on leave and met Marj at the Exeter Elim Church. Marj had come to the Lord at the age of 13.After four weeks leave I was back in Aden for another eleven months, so Marj and I had to get to know each other better by letter writing.


We were married in Exeter in 1966 and spent our first year of marriage in Norfolk before being posted to Cyprus for 3 years. Five weeks before leaving for Cyprus Marj gave birth to our first child, Joy.


While in Cyprus we fellowshipped with other Spirit filled believers and together we ran a Sunday School for Forces children getting about 100 children attending in the winter months. We also had mid-week meetings and children’s meetings in our home and saw many children come to know the Lord. They were very exciting days.


We were also involved along side an American missionary in a project called “Every Home Crusade”, we visited many Greek and Turkish villages delivering Christian literature which invited people to sign up for a correspondence course.


Our second child, Paul was born eight months before leaving Cyprus.


I had felt the call of God upon my life ever since I came to know the Lord, so in January 1971 I walked out through the gates of a RAF camp for the last time. In 1974 I found myself starting a 2 year course at Mattersey Bible College. This meant I had to leave Marj  in Barnstable with the two children. This was a very difficult, challenging and yet rewarding time. We saw God perform many miracles as we had to trust God for every penny both for the college fees and for the family daily needs and rent. We only had enough money for the first half term fees. We never made our needs known to anyone except God. The Lord gave us the verse from 1 Thes. 5:24. “He who called you is faithful and He will do it.” The Lord wonderfully provided through so many different ways, from an unsaved man giving a £100 cheque to our Pastor to give to us, to money being left under my pillow, to boxes of groceries being left on the doorstep, and money through the post from people we didn’t know.


After leaving Mattersey we Pastored a church in Deal, Kent and it was here that we cut our ministerial teeth, we spent 6 years in Deal, It was here that Rebecca our third child was born.


For the last 26 years we have ministered here in Brentwood, and in this coming year we are going to hand on the baton to our son in law.While in Brentwood we fostered for Essex County Council for 19 years having had 73 children pass through our home. Some stayed just for one night others we had for up to 5 years, hard work but rewarding, we are still in touch with a few of those Children.


What of our future? They say that there is no retirement in the Kingdom of God, so we are committing our future to the Lord for Him to lead and guide us.





Christian Advancement


                                     Rev. E. Anderson





There is a great deal of worth and wealth in the prophetic. God desired/designed that His servants and people should live/know by this means and measure. The forefathers and patriarchs knew what it was to have this divine input, and were prophets/seers in their generation. Being such to their people, God revealed Himself and spoke into their situations and future and made them see they were a people of divine destiny, therefore, they could live in great hope and grand expectation.




As Jacob contemplates the move into Egypt he need not fear or be anxious because God was in it. There was to be the out-working of His plan and that embraced progress and rich blessing spiritually, geographically, materially and numerically.  Jacob would be in the position where he would be able to bless Pharaoh who had been kind and good to his son – Genesis 47: 7-9.




This was quite a thing for Joseph. Not only had he the pleasure of a wife and two sons, these offspring would figure greatly in the future in God’s purposes and signified a double blessing and much more than he had ever dreamed.  Jacob was delighted at God’s goodness in allowing him to see his beloved son/grandsons but there was so much more in the pipe line –vv10, 11. Joseph was to have the birthright v22 “I give you an extra portion beyond what I have given your brothers.”




Jacob was full of prophetic inspiration, insight and benediction on his death bed. One notes the tremendous words spoken with regard to both Judah and Joseph. They were of a far reaching order and involved great prospects. For Joseph there is the declaration that he is a fruitful bough by a well and the forecast is of almighty blessings from the Almighty and of being a mighty prince. His life had become totally productive and fulfilled and many others were enjoying the fullness that flowed through him.




Both Jacob and Joseph assert the fact that Israel’s stay in Egypt is not to be permanent. God has much in mind with regard to His people. Whilst they there, they are to become a great nation in readiness to take possession of the most fruitful land of all, Canaan. They predict that the Lord will visit and lead this people out to this choice inheritance and Joseph affirms that he wants his bones transporting out when it occurs.




God expected them to possess, be assured of and live in the prophetic. The prophetic was to become a divine dynamic that stirred and encouraged them forward. It was to be a means of spiritual enrichment, advancement and enlargement.


Prayer Dynamics


                                         Rev. E. Anderson


From the Prayers of Peter Marshall


Lord Jesus, Thou knowest me altogether. Thou knowest that I have steadily refused to forgive this one who has wronged me, yet have had the audacity often to seek Thy forgiveness for my own wrongdoing.


The acids of bitterness and a vengeful spirit have threatened to eat away my peace. Yet I have stubbornly rationalised every unlovely motive . I have said, |”I am clearly in the right. It is only human to dislike a few people. This one deserves no forgiveness”. How well I know that neither have I ever deserved the forgiveness which Thou hast always freely granted me.


So Lord Jesus, I ask Thee now for the grace to forgive this hurt. Even now, I am divided about it, only partially willing to release it.


But Thou canst manage even my reluctance, my loitering feet.

Take now my divided will and make it of one piece, wholly Thy will.


And Lord, I give to Thee this emotion of resentment which clings as if glued to my heart. Wrest it from me. Cleanse every petty thought. Make me sweet again.


I dare to ask that Thou wilt not only forgive me to the extent that I have forgiven –  , but that Thou wilt bless – to the degree that Thou hast blessed me. For these great mercies I thank Thee, in Thy name, who gave me the supreme example in forgiving even those who slew Thee. Amen.