Knowing the Truth


                                     Rev. A. Hocking


The last   ingredient is this. “Commit your way to the Lord”.

Every day brings its share of worries, cares arid problems, that so often we find almost impossible to bear. Only the other day, I learned of a teenager who had found the pressure of life too great and committed suicide. We can sympathize with Him, but let me say that the answer to life’s burdens and problems is not to ‘end it all’, but to commit your life to God. A literal translation could be “Roll each care of your load upon Him”. That burden you find too hard to carry, God invites you to give to Him. He longs to help us if only we’ll let Him.

A College professor illustrated it by asking his students to hold a bag of sugar at arm’s length.  Some could hold it for quite a long time, others for only a minute or two.  Eventually though, all had to put it down as it became heavier and heavier as time went by.   He then got the students to give the bag of sugar to someone else.  Now there was no problem. Someone else was carrying the weight.    So with God.  He knows the burdens we carry are often too much for us and simply says, “give me your burden”. “Give Me your life”.   Knowing that He has our life in His hands means we don’t have to worry about it any more.  He will guide us and help us through even the most difficult of times. Give Him your life today and see what a difference He can make.

Let me remind you of the 5 ingredients of God’s recipe for a happy life. Don’t worry about evildoers, Trust in the Lord, Cease from anger and forsake wrath, delight yourself in the Lord, and commit your way to the Lord. The last verse says, “Trust in the Lord and He will act”. Do you want God acting for you? Then commit your life to Him. Come to Him just as you are. Don’t try and make yourself good enough for God, He’ll do any changing necessary.

Remember what Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life more abundantly”. He also said, “I’ll never turn away anyone who comes to me”. Take the first step towards a really happy life by giving your life to Jesus today


News and Views


                                    Logos Hope



We had hoped that Logos Hope would be ready for service by now, and I want to bring you up-to-date on progress, and what it will take to launch the ship into ministry.


There has been huge amount of progress on board! Carpets have been laid, and facilities are being finished and inaugurated – the medical facilities for the crew and staff, the last accommodation section, the Logos lounge conference room, the library, and so on. It is already true to say that we have a beautiful ship with excellent ministry and community facilities! More work is till needed in other areas such as the ‘visitor’ experience’ deck and the Hope Theatre, but the book fair is complete.


With the arrival of the latest group of recruits, and the first short-tem exposure programme (STEP) group, the size of the onboard community has risen to over 350. There are an increasing number of training, study and ministry opportunities. The leadership team and indeed the whole community on board are doing all they can to prepare   for active, ongoing ministry, and there is a high level of motivation to see this achieved as soon as possible.


Nevertheless, there are also some aspects of the project where progress has been delayed.


Work to obtain the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate is being drawn out be the complex negotiation and communication with the classification society, Lloyd’s Register. This approval process has taken much longer than we anticipated and planned for. After systems have been approved, some parts ordered have a delivery time of weeks, or even months. Some modifications to work previously completed by the shipyard in Croatia are also necessary, such as additional fire protection for the emergency generator room.


Some projects are being held up because of lack resources. We have been short of qualified and experienced people to lead and supervise work , and we still need more skilled engineers, plumbers, pipe-fitters, welders, carpenters, builders and electricians. With the team available, some projects that could be tackled simultaneously have to be worked on one after another. If you know of any skilled workers who would be available, please encourage them to contact us.


One generous donor provided a large-interest free loan for outfitting ministry and community spaces. Of course, we need to repay this. Additional funding is also required to be able to order all of the parts and other materials we still need to complete the work.


We sincerely hope that we will be able to sail early in 2009. We continue to depend on your partnership to make this possible. With God’s grace and help, we will see Logos  Hope launched soon.


In His Service Together,

Bernd Gulker – CEO< OM Ships International




                        Engineering Jobs to be Completed