Healing Testimony

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                     Rev. D. Hathaway and Adrian       –         and  after healing


Katie Morris and David Hathaway


Adrian stood in front of David with a twisted face and body. A speech impediment made it hard to understand what his problem was, but we could see that his hip and right leg were badly crippled.


In the name of Jesus, by the power of faith in His name, Adrian’s face and body literally ‘untwisted’. Suddenly he could speak clearly. He bent down and took the calliper off his leg. His face shone!


Afterwards he sat with us in the church café and we pieced together his story. When he was a boy, his father was attached to the British Embassy in Bulgaria. He was 9 years old when, in 1969 he went sledging down a ski slope in the mountains outside Sofia. Faster and faster he hurtled down a slope which, he said, was as sheer as York Minster spire! Then the accident happened and he was in a coma for over 3 weeks. When he came out of the coma it was with severe head and body injuries, and the mental age of a 2 year old.


Now his face was alight with the miracle of healing! He and his mother-in-law were laughing because he had just called his wife from the café filled with noisy, happy Christians. “Where are you?” she had snapped. “You’re in a pub, you’re drunk!” She only believed his story when her own mother confirmed it was true!


One week later Adrian called our office. “I couldn’t have talked to you like this one week ago!” he said, referring to his former speech impediment. Although he had made good enough recovery from his accident to be able to work and even to marry, lately his condition had seriously deteriorated – as he said, “My injuries caught up with me!” He could only drag his right foot and, lying down, he could only raise his leg 3 inches. When he got home that night he demonstrated his healing to his wife – now he can lift his crippled leg as high as the good one!


Oh yes, and of course, he accepted Jesus into his life!


Taken from Prophetic Vision

Rev. David Hathaway



News and Views


                        Ernest and Elisabeth Hibbert



A hardworking couple have been awarded the Yorkshire Community Hero Award for their work among the poor.


Ernest and Elisabeth Hibbert, who attend New Life Christian Centre in Wakefield, were presented with the award for tireless efforts in meeting the needs of the homeless and those in poverty in Wakefield and the surrounding areas.


Their charity, Community Awareness Programme, was formed 11 years ago and serves locals five days each week. It has more than 1,000 registered clients, serving almost 10,000 meals in 2008. Ernest, 62, believes God called him to form the charity, and says he is able to preach a Christian message to clients.


He said, ‘We are here to share God’s love in a sensitive and practical manner. If a person is hungry or in need of clothes, they don’t need preaching to, they need to see God’s love at work. We then earn the right to give them the gospel message.


‘lt was a great honour to receive the award, as there were 164 organisations nominated. We didn’t expect it because someone submitted our names without telling us. It was humbling yet nice to be recognised in the county we love. We hope this award brings all glory to God?


For more information about the charity, visit wwmcapcare.org




                                   Rev. David Womersley


David Womersley



No. 2 Saying Goodbye


In the hospital, where my wife Bronwen had gone for tests, we were both told that she had advanced cancer and we gathered that time was short.  It was a shock.  Bronwen wanted to come home.


The ward sister was wonderful.  She was in full agreement and arranged everything, going the extra mile.  She contacted the doctors, liaised with the local medical authorities for the necessary equipment – a special mattress and pillows, breathing apparatus and medication.  A rota of visiting nurses morning and evening was also set up.  My son managed to get time off work and a family friend of many years, a retired doctor, offered to help.  With three of us we were able to take it in turns to be by her bed night and day.  If it is at all possible and you are able to cope, I would certainly recommend that your loved one come home to a loving, spiritual atmosphere for her or his last few days.


Bronwen was brought in an ambulance on Tuesday evening and gently slipped away on Saturday morning.  People were wonderful, some calling to see her, including our previous pastor who came many miles and to whom she had been very close. What a comfort!  So many prayed with her, read the Scriptures, encouraged her and sometimes, she them.


After a loved one dies, there is much to do.  A doctor must come to sign the medical certificate.  This must then be taken to the registrar within five days.  It may mean travelling to a neighbouring town and an appointment is needed.  The undertaker must be contacted to take the body and funeral arrangements made.  Relatives and friends need to be informed. An order of service planned.  To my surprise, some six months before, my wife had written on a piece of paper the hymns, reading, poem and introductory music she wanted and had given it to my son. I don’t think she gave it to me as she did not want to upset me.  I wonder, had the Lord revealed to her that her time was short?  My son was a wonderful help.


It was a week of hustle and bustle.  There were phone calls and arrangements to see to.  One doesn’t have the time to grieve, that comes later after the funeral. In my case, that was when my precious sister had returned to Australia, and the house was empty.  At first you feel buoyed up by everyone’s prayers. Having the Lord by your side makes all the difference. The word of God comforts and sustains. What a balm it is knowing that your loved one is “safe in the arms of Jesus”.