Armour of God


                                   Valerie Balzan

This is a new series being presented by Valerie Balzan who is on the Leadership Team at Liveseed International Church, Qormi, Malta.  The Christian believer is called upon to wear the divine armour that the Lord has provided and know what each piece is for in the contest with Satan and the evil agencies under his control. There is a spiritual war on and every Christian soldier must be fully armed and trained for battle and experience supreme conquest




The Girdle of Truth


Text: Ephesians 6:14


Notice that verse 11 begins “Put on the whole armour of God.” Today we are looking especially at verse 14 which begins “Stand therefore, having your loins girt with the truth.” You will now realise that this is not an optional teaching. “Put” and “Stand” are commands. Not only that, the apostle Paul is not suggesting that we put on the pieces of armour that we like and leave off the ones we don’t. No, the armour has to be put on in its entirety. If one piece is missing then we are left vulnerable to the enemy.


However it’s important to understand that before we can “put on” there always has to be a “putting off” It is a principle in the Kingdom of God that we must always make room for God to work. This always involves a death to self process. Death always precedes resurrection. Each time that we decide to go deeper into the things of God, we will have to face up to some sort of shedding away of ourselves. That can be a sin or a bad attitude, or an area of unbelief. – Romans 13:12. Or sometimes God asks us to let go of something that He sees is either blocking  our spiritual life or preventing us from spending more time in His presence. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you take a good long look at yourself in order to see what needs to “die”


Now some pieces of the armour of God are “defensive” which means that they are used to protect and defend ourselves against satan. The other pieces are “offensive” and are used to attack him. The girdle of truth is a defensive piece. It had several practical functions. The first was to be a place where the Roman soldier tucked in his long tunic so as to be free for fighting in battle. Secondly, he hung his sword from it Thirdly his breastplate rested on it. It was the foundation of his complete armour.


And Paul uses this example to show us how truth works. Truth keeps things in place. Many Christians live a defeatist life because of inner division. They have never allowed Christ, who is the Truth, to be at the centre of their lives. When He is on the throne of our hearts with no false gods competing, then our lives can be lived in peace and serenity. God has given us the Bible to give us the truth – about God Himself, about the world and about ourselves. It is up to us however to respond to each truth as it is presented to us in the scriptures. Some words of scripture are tough as they call for us to have a radical change of life or heart. But Christians who are passionate for Jesus will be ready to do any act of obedience if it will result in more of His presence, power, and anointing in their spiritual lives.


Satan is a liar – John 8:44, and Christians who do not feed on the manna of God’s Word are at a disadvantage when he comes knocking at their door. One of his “specialities” is to tell half-truths. He will whisper to you that you cannot have victory in your Christian life. This is quite true but it is still a half-truth. In your own strength you cannot conquer but in Christ’s strength you are “more than a conqueror” – Romans 8:37. He can also tell you things that your flesh wants to hear. “The government takes too much tax from you. No-one would blame you for cheating on your tax returns – just a little – and no-one will find out” But scripture tells  us “and be sure your sin will find you out”- Numbers 32:23.


Should you listen to his lies you will loose not only your girdle of truth but your sword will fall off too and your garments of righteousness will hang out of place and be ineffective. You will become a war casualty. Once you place your feet onto the path of compromise it’s a swift way downhill. So make a stand for the truth today. Remember that little word “stand” occurs several times in Paul’s teaching on spiritual armour. If you have never taken a stand for the truth, then rise up and do so today.


Be done with telling yourself lies and listening to those of satan. Be done with excuses based on half-truths and get into God’s Word. Become a person of integrity and let the truth be seen in your home and place of work. There is no place for hypocrisy in the life of a Christian for we are called to be the salt of the earth and to be light in the darkness – Matthew 5:13-16.  If Christ cannot be seen in you, what sort of a Christian are you?


Having on the girdle of truth is also much more than being a person of truth. It is also about hearing what God has to say about you and about your life. He will give you truth to live by and conquer with. He will tell you how precious you are to Him and will speak about the grace that He wants to pour into your life in order to make you into an over-comer. He has plans for you and they are to do you good – Jeremiah 29:11. He loves you with a passion. He even likes you! You need to know that.


Further study

Ephesians 5:1, 2    Ephesians 4:25    Ephesians 1:6    John 8:32    1 John 3:18    John 4:23, 24     Psalm 15:2



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