Extracts from our Lives by Rev. & Mrs.E. Anderson


                                  Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson

Encountering Christ


It is always a delightful and joyous occasion when someone comes and finds Christ. Also, it is with feelings of immense pleasure and satisfaction when one has been an instrument in the Lord’s hand to bring this about. To be a witness for Christ is a Christian responsibility and to behold it bearing fruit is a thrilling factor.


In my pastoral ministry at Chesterfield it was a pleasure to visit the flock, especially those who had recently joined the fellowship. Pauline Hollingsworth had become linked with us and so when the opportunity arose I took it and went to their home and had the joy of meeting Brian, her husband and two children, Amanda and Paul.  I was cordially welcomed and Brian treated me kindly and we were able to freely chat. He had been impressed by the fact that his wife’s physical condition had vastly improved since attending Zion church. Apparently she was experiencing disturbing noises in her head and at times the attacks were so bad, she beat her head against the wall to find some kind of relief and solace. The Lord had ministered to her and now she was free. It made Brian open to me in a gracious way.


Without pressure one sought to see this man won for Christ. He would make an excellent Christian and he had the capability of communicating well. The moment came when it was opportune to invite him to a very special gathering. A major city crusade was being held in Sheffield in                and the evangelist was none other than Billy Graham. The churches in Chesterfield had put on transport to convey people who wanted to go and so the invite went out to Brian and he accepted. He had been to a number of meetings in the church but had made no public response to Christ.


It was a special thrill for me to see him board the coach but in his own words, “There were only the side seats on which to sit and he was a little worried lest I should sit alongside of him.” He didn’t want me too close at such a time but I reckon I was wise enough to allow the Lord to do His own work. Our prayers naturally were that this would be the evening when he would have a personal encounter with Christ. The occasion could not have been better suited for this experience to be his.


Billy Graham, as usual, presented the Good News of Christ in his own God-given manner, and then made the appeal for people to turn to Christ in the Sheffield United football stadium. A vast number of people responded and made their way down to the platform to take Christ as their Lord and Saviour and to be counselled and given appropriate literature to help them in their first steps with Christ. It gives Christendom enormous excitement to witness this kind of scene! The angels rejoice over the repentance of one sinner, so they must go into raptures when many people come to Christ at the same time!


It was only when we arrived back to travel on the bus that we were informed that Brian had made his way forward to receive Christ. Needless to say, we were overjoyed with the information and greeted him into the family of God.


Brian has grown throughout the years from strength to strength and stands tall as a Christian. He was hungry for Christ from the start and loved to hear the Word of God preached. What an avid listener he was and he loved to talk and ask questions about the Christian faith! We commenced an early Saturday morning Bible School for extra teaching and with a desire to see those who wanted to be involved in Christian service. He  joined and went on privately to do the International Correspondence Courses and attained good qualifications as a result.


One of the outcomes of him coming to Christ was that his home was now under Christ’s influence and management. What a pleasure to say that his son, Paul, came through with a vital commitment and later with a will to serve Christ in a full time capacity. He had a burden for the youth and became involved in the leadership at the local church level with this grouping. His ministry opened out into the schools and he was used to impact many young lives for Christ. After a number of years, he now works in a pastoral capacity with the senior leader and has done an outstanding work for Christ within the context of the fellowship in Chesterfield.


As for Brian, he was able to obtain a redundancy pay off with the Sheffield Star newspaper and now acts in the role of caretaker of the church premises, doing a good and needful task. He has travelled far since my first encounter with him and he is regarded as a choice Christian friend. When we meet together, it is to do one another good.



                                  Brian and Pauline Hollingsworth


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