Knowing God prepared by Rev. E. Anderson


                                     Rev. E. Anderson



Reading     Ezekiel 1


Text           v3




Unique Prophet: Reading the life and ministry of Ezekiel the prophet, it is apparent that he was an extraordinary messenger of the Lord in his day. He certainly came to know the Lord in reality and depth and played a crucial role in the history of his people. He was an exile and not placed in very good circumstances yet experienced supernatural intervention that was to dramatically impact him for the nation’s good.


Unique Breakthrough: The Lord was to execute and establish an amazing breakthrough into the experience of this individual and so create a base from which to operate on a big front to His chosen people. In the most unlikely conditions He was able to make himself known to one person and through him communicate things of major note.


Unique Revelations: Considering the prophet and prophecies as a whole, they are a series of incredible disclosures that are packed with terrific knowledge.





An indescribable experience is given to this man in very ordinary surroundings when he was in a humbled situation as a slave of the Babylonian empire. He was tasting and knowing a sad and testing situation having been hauled as a captive to a foreign power. But by the river Chebar he has an amazing disclosure of the glory of God and is taken up with divine visions and is absorbed by the presence of God and His throne – Ezekiel 1. It was there he came to know the Lord and to find out that he was still in control of affairs.


In our lowest moments, when sensing being a victim of horrid experiences and circumstances, it is at such times there can come the glorious unfolding and unveiling of the Lord. Nothing and no one can shut Him out or hinder His gracious intervention – see John on the isle of Patmos – Revelation 1.




        He was to have a commission from the Lord as to what he should do with his life. Not only was he to be conscious of the Lord’s presence, he was to be awakened to a sense of his own destiny in these tragic and terrible conditions – Ezekiel 3: 12-27. A necessary task was assigned to him of being the Lord’s messenger and to light His people, and there was no escape from the important role. He was made aware that the Lord would hold him accountable.


“The greatest thought that can occupy the mind of a man is his sense of accountability to God” – Daniel Webster




       There comes the actual unveiling of the sinful state of the Lord’s people. Ezekiel may have thought that his people were not as bad as the Lord made out to be and was not deserving of this painful judgment. The scales were to be removed from his eyes and he was to see the truth and so must have been somewhat shocked – see Ezekiel 8-11. see the question the Lord puts: “Turn again, and you will see greater abominations that they are doing” – 8: 13. The evils that had been perpetrated in the sacred city, Jerusalem and through the nation, Judah, had caused God to be an exile from His sanctuary and land and so they had to face the same kind of thing. Their present plight was no accident but had been brought upon them by their flagrant and blatant wickedness and waywardness. His job was to make known the fact that they were where they were because of their sinful practices. It was a serious and sombre message to make known.


        Sometimes the Church of Christ ends up in a similar state, seemingly devoid of the Lord’s presence.




It looked as if Israel would never recover from such a devastating ordeal as they languished on foreign soil, slaves of this heathen power, Babylon. They were totally weakened and it looked as if they had no future. The vision given in Ezekiel 37 is that the nation is like a valley full of dry bones, a picture of a people that had been, no longer existing and written off, and that was it! But the Lord makes known to the prophet His vested interest and ability in this awful, depressed state. An extraordinary miracle is to occur that will cause the nation to come back to life again and be restored to be a people again. Not only so, there will be a restored sanctuary, He will return to take up residence and presidency- Ezekiel 40-43. He and the people will no longer be exiled.


         The Lord is able to visit and renew the Christian Church when the world would write her off and cause her to be a power to be reckoned with once again. None should ever underestimate His love for His people or His power to work miraculously on her behalf.




The end of the visions could not be better for the prophet or people. As the spokesman concludes he is given final and further disclosure on how all is to wind up. He is to know that the Lord is to manifest His favour and goodness in an unprecedented manner and measure. The river of life is to flow from His sanctuary without and irrigate the whole land and make it blessed – Ezekiel 47. A new era of life and growth will occur that will be to the well being of His people. A city of significance will be raised and He will take up dwelling and it shall have a glorious name – Jehovah Shammah – THE LORD IS THERE – Ezekiel 48: 35.


         The Lord has determined well for the ultimate blessedness of His Church. She has no need to fear about her future and destiny because it has been eternally settled. Her future is bright and could not be better. The Lord is to finally own and bless His Church in an incredible fashion as the book of Revelation disclosed.




        Things may have seemingly commenced badly for God’s servant, Ezekiel, and worsened, but as his relationship with the Lord grew, knowledge was communicated that made him see that everything would be dramatically changed by the sovereign work of the Lord. Things were to move from the negative to a very positive state because the Lord had revealed it.


         The Christian Church with its ministry can take heart from this inspired prophecy knowing that the Lord has no less in mind for her respecting her present and future prospects.



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