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Rev. Veyne Austin


I’D HEARD ABOUT WHAT was happening at Toronto. All this falling down and shaking – I certainly had my doubts. It was a bit over the top for this Assemblies of God pas­tor. But, on the expense of the church, I decided to visit this phenomenon.


While in the prayer lines, I was eagerly awaiting a man to come and lay hands on me, but a woman came up to me to min­ister. I knew God could use women but, if I’m honest, I had a slight prejudice against them praying for people.


This woman began to pray, asking God to fill me. I had never fallen on the floor before, but before I knew it, I was laid on my back. I then heard the woman ask the ushers to pick me up again, and she began to prophesy. She knew nothing about me at all, but began to say I was



‘It was not about me falling down, it was God meeting me’


a man of God, a leader of leaders and a preacher. She then called for more women to pray for me.


It taught me that God can do anything He wants. It was not about me falling down, it was God meeting me. I’ve never fallen down since, but that day changed my attitude. I now want to go with the flow much more, and it changed my opinion of people who spend time on the floor with God!      


In fact, I was in Nigeria some time after visiting Toronto, and after preach­ing, I waved my hand and 300 people instantly fell to the ground! It wasn’t my power, but the power of God!


God chooses who he likes. Whether male or female or black or white, he can use anyone! And now I know he often trusts women to do what men cannot…


Printed by permission from THE JOY MAGAZINE – October 2008


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Vietnam:        authorities invade church services


HO CHI MINH CITY: TEN local police authority officers stormed the Church With a Mission house church on Sun­day, August 31, creating great anxiety among new converts.


Pastor Chinh Van Nguyen reported that Pastor Hieu, guest speaker, has since suf­fered noise-related health problems. Nguyen, whose church is located in Xuan Thoi Thuong Village, Hoc Mon District, near Ho Chi Minh City, explained that the authorities made the situa­tion even worse when they interrogated and questioned the congregation as to who their leader was, asking ‘Why we are doing this kind of silly thing?’


Nguyen continued, ‘We all replied, “We are here only to worship and praise our God, Jesus Christ, as Christians, based on the teaching of the Jesus.”


‘Disbelieving this, they ordered me to go to a nearby police station for further investigations and interroga­tions, but I refused to do so because it was on Sunday and they did not give me any basis. Seeing that it was not as easy as they thought to deal with these Christians, they left in anger and with words of warning.


‘Fifteen minutes later, two policemen from the vil­lage police station came and intimidated me into going to the station. I had no choice than to accompany them to the station, where there were already around five of them sitting in chairs of interroga­tion, including two from the Security Department of Hoc Mon District.


‘They took turns interro­gating me, while one of them took minutes, stating we “had broken the law of Social Secu­rity and Order by our allegedly congregating the people and our practising religious activi­ties and preaching the Good News Religion without any permission”‘


Nguyen said the minutes banned the church from meet­ing together in their unregis­tered house church again, and if the authorities saw them re-gathering, they would do more harm.


Because of this event, and on behalf of his church as an example of persecu­tions and of violations of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion – and on behalf of many other house churches in Vietnam – Nguy­en asked that we do all we can in our power to put pressure on the Vietnamese govern­ment to loosen the freedom of religion and of speech, and to urge the government to meet certain benchmarks consistent with international religious freedom standards.


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MAN’S WILL IS FREE because God is sovereign…. Perhaps a homely illustra­tion might help us to understand.


An ocean liner leaves New York bound for Liverpool. Its destination has been determined by proper authorities. Nothing can change it. This is at least a faint picture of sovereignty~


On board the liner are several scores of passengers. These are not in chains, neither are their activities determined for them by decree. They are completely free to move about as they will. They eat, sleep, play, lounge about on the deck, read, talk, altogether as they please; but all the while the great liner is carrying them steadily onward toward a predetermined port.


Both freedom and sovereignty are present here and they do not contradict each other. So it is, I believe, with man’s freedom and the sovereignty of G~ The mighty liner of God’s sovereign design keeps its steady course over the sea of history~ God moves undisturbed and unhindered toward the fulfilment of those eternal purposes which He purposed in Christ Jesus before the world began. We do not know all that is included in those purposes, but enough has been disclosed to furnish us with a broad outline of things to come and to give us good hope and firm assurance of future well-being.


A. W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy