Knowing God prepared by Rev. E. Anderson


                                       Rev. E. Anderson



Isaiah 6




Following later on, in the wake of Samuel, came a line of distinguished prophets who played a significant role for God in the history and experience of His people, Israel. Four are referred to as Major Prophets mainly because of the length of their books and twelve Minor Prophets. For them to perform their task they certainly needed to know God.


Isaiah heads the list with an astonishing ministry of revelation that went beyond his day and generation.


HE WAS A UNIQUE SEER: A prophet was called a seer, one that had unusual, true and powerful revelation from God into situations immediate and ultimate. In reviewing his work for Jehovah it is possible to note the amazing knowledge that was communicated to him. He saw and foresaw much that was relevant to the elect household of God and even more that was to embrace the gentile world. As history unfolded over the centuries it is evident he was the possessor of divine vision. He appears to possess a ‘full-orbed revelation.’ As a consequence of His ministry no one need be in ignorance of God.


AN UNCTIONISED SPOKESMAN: He had the capacity in God to speak out on things that God’s people needed to be informed about. There was a divine, dynamic inspiration about him and the messages to be released to the Israel of God, to other nations and with respect to the salvation and blessedness of the world. He was not afraid to declare and affirm God’s mind on matters present and on what was going to be of immense worth to all men.


There are at least four foremost factors that are apparent in His knowledge of God:




       In Isaiah 6 is the record of his call to the work of the Lord and how the He was made known to him. It took place at an important time when the throne of Israel was unoccupied because of Uzziah’s decease. Heaven’s throne, however, did not suffer from such because the Lord sits on an eternal seat of power over all. In this event and experience he is to have a full-orbed revelation of the supreme holiness of God which is recognised and pronounced by the seraphim – v2. The prophet senses his own uncleanness and unworthiness before the Lord but is wonderfully sanctified by the Lord and commissioned.


“That he was most eminently and unquestionably holy in his present work of judgment, and in all his ways; such repetitions being very frequent in Scripture, for the greater assurance of the thing, as Jeremiah 7:4; Ezekiel 21:9. – Matthew Poole



        All who would be called and employed by the Lord must realise they are summoned by one who is His Holiness and He requires the same in those who would represent Him.




       One of the most inspiring chapters of his prophecy and the Bible is Isaiah 40. The Lord realised that this man of God and His messenger must know and possess an increased sense of His sovereign place and power and such must be passed on to His people. He states in v9 “Behold your God!” and he unfolds His in His glory and greatness. He shows that Israel’s God in no way can be compared with the idolatrous gods of other nations – vv18-21; 44: 8-21. Renewer of all Creation. He carries everyone and everything and requires no support from any source. The seer reveals the full orbed revelation of Jehovah as to His unique supremacy in and over all.


“It is impossible to read this description of God, the most sublime that ever was penned, without being struck with inexpressible reverence and self-abasement. The contrast between the great Jehovah and every thing reputed great in this world, how admirably imagined, how exquisitely finished! What atoms and  inanities are they all before HIM who sitteth on the circle of the immense heavens, and views the potentates of the earth in the light of grasshoppers,-those poor insects that wander over the barren heath for sustenance, spend the day in continual chirpings, and take up their humble lodging at night on a blade of grass! 12-26” – Adam Clarke




What is uncovered and expressed by Isaiah is the fullness of purpose with regard to God Israel and the world. There was no lack of plan and purpose with the Lord. Whilst speak into prevalent situations of his day to monarch and people, as the evangelical prophet speaks of the One who was to come to be not only Israel’s but the world’s Messiah, thus revealing a full-orbed revelation of Christ re-His birth, ministry, death, kingdom and ultimate triumph and rule – Isaiah 7: 14; 9: 6, 7; 50: 4-5; 53; 61 etc. God was not without a plan of the chosen race or for mankind as a whole and Isaiah was privileged to forecast it.




       The fact and truth that stands out in the life and ministry of this servant was the faithfulness of God. In and though all, there had been the steadfastness and fidelity of the Lord. There had not been was there any likelihood of there be any failure on the Lord’s part to anyone. There comes a full-orbed disclosure of the unwrapping of God’s faithfulness to all. God will not fail creation or any of His creatures.


·          This was so with regard to Israel, the elect household of God.

·          It was also true with regard to himself; the Lord had preserved him.

·          There was the fidelity of God to His prophetic word immediately and ultimately.

·          To the world of society as a whole God had remained utterly loyal.




It is essential to come to know and understand God in these four quality dimensions so that life is enriched.


In consequence , there must be an admission of Him and a total worship of Him alone.



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