Leadership Factors adapted by Rev. E. Anderson


                                      Rev. E. Anderson

Presented to you is a Christian Leadership Course that is purposed to provoke many to embrace the call of Christ to leadership within His Church. The series will come in the form of a study each week, which will be in two parts thus covering two weeks over the site. My prayer and desire is that such will help many in the summons of Christ to serve Him in these tremendous days.







IMPORTANT FOCUS: This must certainly be much in focus and perspective if Christian leadership is to be fulfilled. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is a must and is obligatory if there is to be success from a divine standpoint. Without the Holy Spirit in His place and role and functioning in the fullest and truest sense there will be no divine accomplishments. There may be some outward natural show of achievement but it will be simply of a human order and short-lived and prove to be disappointing. It is absolutely ‘imperative’ that Christian leadership be continually anointed and to live and work under the anointing. There can be no substitute for it.


“Spiritual leadership can be exercised only by Spirit-filled men. Other qualifications for spiritual leadership are desirable. This is indispensable”.          Oswald Chambers

“The one thing needful for the Church, and the thing which, above all others, men ought everywhere to seek for with one accord and with their whole heart, is to be filled with the Spirit of God.”         Andrew  Murray


Charles Finney stated emphatically, “No one has at any time any right to expect success unless he first secures the enduement of this power”. The revivalist warned against “the mistake of the Church and the ministry”, being that “they rest in conversion, and do not seek until they obtain this enduement of power from on high”; as a result so many Christians “have no power with either God or man.”




·          Spiritual objectives can only be achieved by spiritual means through spiritual people

·          Every leader needs divine unction to carry out his divinely assigned function – John 6:63; 15;5; Acts 1: 4, 5;  2 Corinthians 3:5, 6; Acts 6: 3, 5

·          God anoints those whom He appoints

·          God’s anointing on a leader draws people and motivates them to follow – 2 Chronicles 15: 9; Luke 6: 17-19; Joshua 1: 16,17; Matthew 4: 18-22                   Gunther Krallman


PRIMARY EXAMPLE: Without question, the primary example of the Spirit’s baptism and blessing is fully revealed in the life and work of Jesus Christ. It is with meaning that He is called – ‘Christ’ – ‘the Anointed One.’ He was and still is the Anointed One and seeks to make His servants and leaders anointed so that they can serve Him under the same life and experience. The clear statement is made in Acts 10: 38 that “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power.” We are informed when this took place -–Matthew 3: 16. He could affirm when this anointing was to be released and revealed according to the prophetic word – Luke 4: 18; Isaiah 61: 1. Christ declared by what means He fulfilled His ministry – Matthew 12:28. There was an acknowledging that it was through the daily mantling of the Holy Spirit that He was able to effectively conduct His leadership and ministry role.


SUCCEEDING FACTOR: Christ determined that after His exodus that the work that was to follow should be continued in the same vein and power, through the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit in and working through Christian leadership. He taught and authorized with this objective, that His disciples and future leaders should experience the immersion – infusion – inspiration – induction of the Holy Spirit in their lives and ministries. They must not think of attempting to fulfill His plan and purpose without the anointing, the enduement of power which He asserted would be bestowed – Luke 24: 49; Acts 1: 4. The command was definite – “ should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father . . .” The result of these immersed and inspired men was the birth of the Christian Church and the book of Acts. The spiritual power was in order to accomplish tremendous things: There was power to live a godly life, to testify, to preach, to teach, to pray, to do miracles, to overcome Satanic forces, to lead people to God etc.  The Holy Spirit provided all the energy and authority to accomplish in a spiritual manner and measure.


OLD TESTAMENT PATTERN: One of the most beautiful examples of an anointed life and leader is culled from the Old Testament, Elisha. He serves as a worthy example to study and emulate even with regard to Christian leadership. The Lord would seek to raise up the Elisha ministry today, in the ranks of Christendom, to aid the Christian Church and to combat the forces of evil that exist all around.


He was a choice character: One of the great individuals of historic fame. He is one of those magnetic and fascinating persons and leaders of biblical history. His life and work is enough to make any spiritually minded person throb and thrill as his commitment and exploits are read and studied. He was a young man who became a worthy protégé of the illustrious prophet, Elijah.


He had a choice name: The fact that his name commenced with El signifies and identification with God as with his predecessor, Elijah. El is the name of God that affirms Him as the Strong and Mighty One: He who excels in strength and power. Elisha was to become one of God’s sons/servants that would manifest the great power and ability of God. It means ‘Elisha’ – ‘God is Saviour’ and through the anointing there was to be the evidence of great works of salvation.


He had a choice pursuit: The time spent with the choice prophet of the Lord was not to be wasted for within him was born a tremendous desire to be truly and fully anointed for a divine ministry so that he could give a notable lead to God’s people. What Elijah established needed to be carried forward, and this was only possible through divine inspiration at a greater level. 


From his life and leadership it is possible to learn so much and be provoked into embracing a similar vision and spiritual desire and momentum.




When Elijah the prophet appeared on the scene, whilst he was at work, there is the casting of his mantle upon him. It was more than a natural action. It carried a great deal of spiritual significance and worth and Elisha sensed it. Something was transmitted and was transacted through this deed that set the forward the inward, spiritual motivation of this young man. There was a holy and heavenly transmission that transpired within his being. He could never be the same again as he was put on track to fulfill an important destiny not simply for himself but for God and his people.


The initial mantling was but a forerunner and a foretaste of what was to be at a later date and this keen man laid hold of it with all of his might. It was to act as an inward drive and force within his breast in the immediate days and set him up for something more. There was a divine deposit that was to be latent within him that would break out in greater measure at the appropriate time. It was not all to be done suddenly but there would be a movement forward from the spiritual initiation that had occurred that day. Much was to take place that would get him ready for the larger experience. What he did receive was enough to set and keep him on the road for a supreme and unique experience.


This is how God works in preparing leaders and getting them ready for the great anointing which thrusts them into a wider field of work and activity.  




The thing that Elisha did was to reveal a consecration to God and the man of God. He knew that his primary task was not in following beasts in ploughing but Elijah, the appointed and anointed spiritual leader for Israel, God’s people. There was now a spiritual and practical task to be performed that had to be carried out with divine grace and strength, attending to the requirements of this major prophet. He was thrust into both a privileged yet demanding role in looking after this chosen servant of Jehovah. But he must wholly consecrate himself, leaving the former life and work and embracing that which had been divinely ordained for him. It is obvious there is no hesitation.


The fact that stands out on this occasion is his readiness to ‘burn all his bridges.’ There is to be no going back because he knows and senses that he has a job to do for God in his day and generation. Elijah already knew that God had marked this young man out and it becomes clear that the choice was right by what he saw immediate on his approach and act. Those due for anointed leadership are those who make quick response in the area of consecration. Many years ago I heard a notable spiritual leader state: “It is not great gifts that God blesses but great consecration.”  It would seem that divine consecration paves the way for the anointing in a tremendous way. Note this is exemplified in Jesus Christ.




Elisha was given the opportunity of being and living with this man who had already rendered outstanding service in the cause of God. He was a man who had battled on his own against formidable factors, both devilish and human, and he had achieved some considerable success, but he required someone to be alongside of him that could be an asset. He had been very much ‘a loner’ in his leadership and it had proved costly, and it was now time for him to have a partner who could be supportive and render vital assistance. God had His man who could fulfil a task at the lower end of the scale with His blessing. Elisha was first of all called to be with Elijah and see and learn first hand what the anointing meant and could accomplish.


The prophet was to be his mentor, tutor and pattern over the next years and he would extract from the spiritual man all that had happened privately and publicly which had enabled him to become such a spiritual colossus to the nation. He was more favoured than those in the school of the prophets because he was daily in Elijah’s presence and in his private school of tuition and learning and serviced his apprenticeship well. He would draw both from past and present and be truly informed and inspired. Elisha was bent on learning all he could whilst he could. All the time, there was the feeding of his mind with divine reality and truth and his heart with faith and rich spiritual desires that would serve later on in his call to leadership. We do well when we can get alongside those who have experienced a great deal in God and have proved themselves in spiritual character and gift. Something of that anointing can rub off and contribute to what is to follow of a greater order. This was to be his testing period in readiness for what was to come.


Why does God test? Why does anybody test anything?


(1) To observe it under pressure (2) To see if it is reliable (3) To reveal flaws and correct them (4) To develop its full potential.  “The blessing you are going through right now is just an indication of the blessing that’s awaiting for you on the other side of it”.                                 Word For Today



News and Views Edited by Rev. E. Anderson


                                     Alex Patterson

New Life Newspaper is a monthly paper printed monthly that give testimonies to the reality of Christ and His personal confrontation with people from all walks of life, of His ability to save, change, satisfy and give true purpose to living. We have been thrilled to publish quite a number over these stories on this web site by kind permission of its Editor, Peter Wreford. It is an excellent way to introduce the Christian Gospels to friends, neighbours and others. If you are interested in purchasing some of these papers for use please contact http://www.newlife.co.uk




WHETHER it’s pushed through your letter-box, handed to you at church or given to you when doing your shopping, Christian outreach newspaper New Life finds its way to thousands of homes in Britain and across the globe each month.


For more than 25 years, we have written about the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, sending that precious message to desperate homes throughout the UK.


They have China in their Hands


A couple are spreading the Gospel by distributing New life newspaper in Hong Kong.


Christopher and Evelyn Beling take 25 copies each month, giving them to church folk and members of their community.


The couple, from the Philippines, learned about New Life when visiting the UK a few years ago.


Evelyn, 54, said: “it is a great paper, and it is a great encouragement to people here in Hong Kong. I particularly can show people the testimonies, and the stories about issues like forgiveness, which are very helpful.


“People are responding here in Hong Kong, even though it is hard to reach locals. But there are lots of other nationalities here and they find it easy to put their faith in God.”


 Alex is 92 not out


IS this New Life’s oldest distributor? Alex Patterson may be 92, but he doesn’t allow age to stop him as he gives out hundreds of copies of the newspaper each month outside supermarkets across Sheffield.


The canny Scot slips a Gospel tract inside each paper, before giving them to shoppers and telling them that Jesus loves them.


He said: “I drop some of them off at churches, but put others in Asda, Tesco, and all sorts of different places. I get a nuch better reaction from people than if I just give them a Gospel tract. It particularly makes me laugh when I see men reading them while their wives are doing the shopping! Others read them while they are waiting for a taxi outside.




“Some months I give out up to 500, and sometimes I give 150 or just 50. I used to give out tracts but got so many refusals and I realised this is a much better way of evangelism. The reason I give out New Life each month is simple – to tell people about Jesus.”


Alex, who worked in New Life sales and distribution when our offices were in Yorkshire, is a missionary to Sierra Leone, and regularly travels to Africa to work among the poor. Last month he drove the length of the UK to raise funds.



Paper ‘Helped’ to save woman’s life


A Copy of New Life newspaper once helped save someone’s life, one of our distributors has revealed.


Betty Kirkland, of Leicester, said a woman in the local community named Dora was on the verge of suicide, but a copy of New Life through her letterbox at the right times.


Betty said: “Dora was getting ready to take tablets and kill herself when something came through the door. She was ready to throw it out with the rest of the rubbish but then read the headline and it really impacted her.


“She saw the con tact details on the back and rang us up. She became a Christian and was amember of our fellowship for some years before she died.”


Betty and the team at Narborough Road Christian fellowship in Leicester distributes 400 copies of new Life at a town centre outreach event each month. They set up a stall in the city’s Market Place on the third Saturday of each month.


Betty, who has handed out New Life for more than 20 years, gives out any remaining copies in her local area.




She added: “Over the years we have seen people come to Christ through New Life, it’s a terrific resource. I used to put them in the drop-in-centre many years ago.


“It’s a Christian paper that Good News in it, unlike the national papers which has so much bad news. I love the testimonies, and how they tell of changed lives that find hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Illustrations tha Light Up provided by Rev. E. Anderson


                                   Rev. E. Anderson



A yoke is a harness that goes around the necks of two oxen so they can pull the a load or plough together.


Jesus Christ be a good and trained carpenter knew what a yoke was because as a carpenter He had been used to making them for those who farmed land in his day or who pulled carts for various reasons. He must have been skilled at this task and possibly many an animal was grateful for his expertise in making their yokes.


In his preaching on one occasion he uses the yoke as a simple illustration of being joined up to Him in life. He said: “Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” – Matthew 11: 29, 29. How could Jesus talk about being yoked in a harness, which suggests hard work and about rest in the same breath? To most, rest means laying back in a beautiful recliner.


My father-in-law used to work with a team of horses in his younger days on a farm. He loved his work and association with these animals as he ploughed, harrowed etc with them. His job entailed breaking a young horse in and he did it wisely by linking it with a well trained one that knew the job. It would take the strain and give the lead and make it easier for the young one to succeed in its service.


The important factor was the matter of submission.  If the yoke wasn’t to chafe then there had to be a willing compliance with the experienced animal. The Christian in becoming linked to Christ must adopt the same spirit and attitude of Christ and follow His powerful lead and example. He knows the direction to take and is ready to exert His might and strength and so make it easier for those partnered with Him. In being alongside and pulling with Him it is surprising how life is much easier and more fulfilling.